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Bath tub removal

     I have a good question that I need help with. We are talking about replacing our bath tub but have run into a problem. We have a Slab home and on the other side of the bathroom where the plumbing is for the bath tub is the gas furnace for the house. Because it is a slab there is no room underneath. I don't think the bath tub has ever been replaced, and I think the plumbing is accessed from a skirt (or panel) on the side of the tub. Does this sound correct? If this is the case where can you get a replacement tub with that kind of access?

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Posted 2013-03-11T12:55:12+0000  by Lovetofly Lovetofly

Hi Lovetofly,


Normally with a concrete slab foundation a plumbing access panel is installed to get access to the tub plumbing, this will most likely be in your furnace compartment, but also could be in a closet or on a wall in the opposite room near the tub plumbing.


In addition an access area is cut out of the slab for the tub drain. This cutout in the slab allows for access to the tub drain and under slab drain line for repair or cleaning.


Most conventional tubs do not have an access panel on the tub itself, typically only whirlpool tubs have access panels.


Replacing a bath tub is a major project, and often is best left to a professional plumber. In addition to the tub itself, and surrounding walls will have to be cut as they overlap the tubs lip on the three sides.


If you have tile on the walls the project will require the removal the bottom row to get the tub out.


Have a plumber come to your home and give you an estimate on the cost of replacing the tub. He will locate the access panel and you can get an idea of how easy or difficult this job will be.



Posted 2013-03-11T19:49:11+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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