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Hi Im in the process of redoing my bathroom and have a few puzzling questions,Please help?

Im stripping down to the basic of the bathroom from ceiling to floor, upon me taking of the old tileboard and sheet rock my question is: I have and old Claw Foot Tub and love in but it was not set up with a shower so I found a faucet wear the shower pole can b ran from the back of it and it's free standing supported by a halo shower kit. I would like to put cermaic tile on the side wall which get most moister from the shower, How do I go about redoing the wall so that it retain less of the moisture from taking a shower and the tile stay support of the wall longer: Do I put sheetrock up on the wall follow by some type of waterless solution before applying the tile and what the best method in installing cermaic tile mind you this is my first time so I want the project to look like a professional done it even tho I'm an ammatuer!

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Posted 2010-12-05T18:32:37+0000  by keekee keekee

Hey keekee.  


   Welcome to the community - we all love tackling projects as team together with you. This one will take some time, so I hope you have another bathroom you can use until the unveiling.



   First thing to consider is the possibility of moving that beautiful tub out from the working area (you’ll thank me later). Also, keep in mind that when this is done right you will not have to deal with any surprises that might otherwise “pop up” in the future. Before moving on, inspect the floor under the tub and consider addressing this project at the same time.


   Once the demo on the walls is complete and all that’s left are the studs, you will want to install cement Backer Board to the wall. Pre-cut the cement backer board and apply it according to the manufacturer's instructions using special backer board screws. Finish by taping the joints with an alkali-resistant tape and thin-set mortar.


Next is the fun part… It’s time to tile! I am going to refer you to a page from our main Home Depot website that will walk you through the steps in greater detail than I can do here. Plus there is a great video that helps to visualize the whole process.  





Please keep us posted as to the progress with any questions you might have along the way and pictures documenting the journey (before, after, and in between). We love pictures!:smileyvery-happy:

Posted 2010-12-05T19:47:32+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL

Thanks for ur advice and encoragement I'm going to need it!:smileyhappy:

Posted 2010-12-06T21:54:29+0000  by keekee
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