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Bathroom Faucet Washers..

my faucet in my tub/shower is leaking, it will not turn off all of the way and i had this problem in the past, and a friend of mine replaced the ruber washers in it, but he failed to show me how he did it. and i need to know how to do this. it has gotten to the point that i don't even have to turn on the cold water when i take a shower! it's leaking so bad that it looks like it in on all of the time! and i can not afford to pay someone to come out here to do it. to me it seems like it would be a simple job. i am not totally dumb when it comes to certian things in my hose, i have replaced kitched faucets, installed water filtration systems under my sink.


i just need some help on this. the water bills are killing me! :womansad:


Thank you!:smileyhappy:

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Posted 2010-12-05T02:52:59+0000  by LadyChef LadyChef


Welcome ladychef -what's cooking?


Let’s tackle this one work together as a team and help get you “drip free”.


Without knowing your exact faucet setup or manufacturer, I will try and point you in a general direction that should apply to most situations.


First and foremost - the most important step is to turn off the water supply. Most of the time this will require turning off the main water input located on the main water line. Look for a pipe with a cut off valve located immediately after it enters the home. This is usually is located in the basement, crawl space, etc… To be certain that you turned off the water; check the nearest indoor faucet to see if there is water flowing (with pressure).

Next you will need to remove the shower faucet handle. There are so many different types, but the most common is the kind that you pop off the front plate and remove the screw inside. 






Now you will have to remove the valve stem. It's crucial that you get a valve stem socket wrench for this stage. I have personally tried other means and tools to remove this part but only become very frustrated until I discovered this valuable secret. Here is a link to the Home Depot site so you can get familiar with it. 



You simply find the wrench that fits the inside of the stem and use the cross bar to remove the part. You will want to bring the whole stem into our plumbing expert at your Home Depot and they will advise you on whether to get a new stem or just replace the little rubber “O” rings.


It’s all easy from here. Just reverse the process by installing the stem (or stems), re-attaching the handle and turning the water source back on. Tip: all your faucets are going to have air in them from turning off the water, so gently crack them open before using them until the air is purged through.


Charge yourself accordingly and leave a generous tip – you’re a Plumber now.










Posted 2010-12-05T14:25:05+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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