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Bathroom Remodel

We are purchasing an old home (on slab foundation) and are planning a full remodel of the master bathroom.  It's a fairly small bathroom and we would like to change the layout of the toilet and shower.  How difficult would it be to relocate both and where do I begin?  So you know, the house is in the country so we don't have to worry about permits and such and I plan on doing the work myself.

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Posted 2012-02-27T19:56:27+0000  by DIYba12 DIYba12

Hi DIYba12, this is Mike The Home Depot Answer Man, welcome to the community.


To change the bath room layout the biggest job would be converting the plumbing, specifically the drains for the shower and the toilet.


This will require cutting the concrete slab and converting the waste and drainage system.


Doing plumbing work like this is best left to a professional as it requires specialized and expensive equipment.


In addition if the work is not performed properly you could have serious drainage issues in the future especially if the house is on a septic system.


Even though the house is in the country there are still building codes and standards that should be followed to assure a proper job.


Before diving into this job I would get three estimates from local contractors you trust. This will give you a very good picture of the cost and the complexity of the job.


I hope this information is useful to you.



Posted 2012-02-27T20:58:57+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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