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Bathroom Vanity (actually chest) and vessel sink issue

I have a very old Victorian home with a tiny bath.  I am repurposing a chest that is 12" deep for a vanity.  I am wanting to use a vessel sink on top.  The smallest depth I could find was 12".  the faucet would have to be mounted onto the chest.  I'm guessing I need about 4-5" of space behind the sink for the faucet.  Does anyone think it woud be an issue for the sink to stick out over the chest  about 4-5"?



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Posted 2013-03-15T19:09:47+0000  by PrescottLady PrescottLady

Hi Prescott Lady, 



Have you thought about placing the faucet in the corner of the cabinet (chest) instead? This will probably give you an extra 3”-4" inches of extra space you need.


Another option is to reroute the plumbing and have the faucet mount onto the wall.


In my opinion, with chest only being 12” deep, bowl will look disproportionate with 3”-4” offset.


Hope this helps and please do not hesitate to post back with any additional questions you may have.


Posted 2013-03-18T15:01:11+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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