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Bathroom fans

I have two Hampton Bay bathroom fans that were installed as part of a renovation just over three years ago.  The model number is 249872.  They have line voltage (120vac) wired to the fan itself, but are controlled by low voltage, so there is a small, multi-conductor cable running from from the fan to the switch box where the light and the fan are switched separately.  The conductors in this cable are 20 gauge and are too small be used for 120v.

One of the fans has failed, and the problem appears to be in the electronics within the fan unit. I have not been able to find a replacement fan with low voltage control circuitry, and I don’t want to take my ceiling and walls apart to run 12/2 cables from the fan to the switch, which I’d need to do if I replace it with a conventional unit.

Is there a replacement fan available with the same dimensions and low voltage control circuitry?  Or, can I buy repair parts for the existing fan? 
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Posted 2018-09-22T11:06:02+0000  by Dkc0225 Dkc0225
Hopefully one of the Home Depot folks can provide you contact information for the manufacturer.  This is one of these products where someone thought it would be "beneficial" to add complication to a design where one wasn't needed. Why add a low voltage control circuit with its associated failure points to something as basic as an exhaust fan.  I understand using a wireless remote to eliminate the hassle of having to run a cable but if you're going to run a cable, why a low voltage one?  It isn't any more difficult to run a length of Romex.

If you have attic space above the bathroom, it's a trivial matter for an electrician to replace the low voltage cable with real wire and only somewhat more complicated if you have living space above.  If you have to replace the fan, Panasonic makes some very nice ones.

Posted 2018-09-22T23:43:47+0000  by Adam444

Hey Dkc0225,

Thanks for joining us here on the community.

Your best bet is to contact Hampton Bay directly with the phone number provided below.

Be sure you have your model number on hand to get the right replacement parts for your bath fan.

Image result for hampton bay customer service bathroom fans

As always, let us know if you have any further questions,


Posted 2018-09-24T15:13:22+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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