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Bathroom faucet removal

I have a bathroom sink that is stand alone, with no cabinets attached.  I'm trying to replace the faucet.  I've turned off the water, and am trying to remove the old faucet, and can't get my adjustable wrench back behind the sink to loosen the bolts.  Any suggestions?  I've removed the drain, so that's out of the way. 

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Posted 2011-05-28T23:17:58+0000  by megpharis megpharis

Welcome to the community megpharis!


I'm ChrisFixit and I've spent quite a bit of time scraping my knuckles trying to remove nuts and bolts from behind and under sinks. A tool you'll find very useful is a basin wrench.


The basin wrench provides you with two advantages. The extended body allows you to reach far up into the space behind a sink while leaving your hand lower and free to  turn it. The swiveling head allows you to latch onto the nut within the limited area around it. I've included a image of it in action.



A couple of tips for you:


  • Make sure you take note of which direction the teeth of the wrench are facing. You want to make sure the "flat" of the teeth faces the direction you intend to turn.
  • If the nut is giving you trouble, you can spray it and let it soak with a bit of PB Blaster to attempt to loosen it a bit.

I hope you find this info helpful and feel free to get back to us if you have any further questions.




    Posted 2011-05-29T13:23:45+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL
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