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Bathroom make-over

We are planning to remove a very old bath tub and the surrounding tile walls and replacing it/them with a bath and shower "kit."  We have a bathroom window in the wall above the tub.  If we buy one of the tub/wall kits, can we cut out the area for the window and seal it with some sort of molding?  We are looking for something easy to clean and not too time-consuming to install.


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Posted 2011-04-03T07:42:34+0000  by atk atk

Yes you can . there is sevrale diff types but.  Longing for a long lastin look is tappering the walls so your fit in will match.      If your Boarders around your window is to much Cut Back Flush Or cut out so you can match your own window Rail.   Just make sure you have a flashihing around the window for mold . A Good coat of primer n  paint on the molding n your done.

Posted 2011-04-03T09:06:49+0000  by yeabuddyj

  Cutting a fiberglass panel is a s easy as marking each end where the cut will be and placing some masking tape between. Mark a line through the middle of the tape (connecting the two marks). You will want to use a special carbide saw blade for cutting fiberglass. Remove the tape and lightly sand off the rough edges.



In addition, I recommend using a solid PVC type trim for the window. This will prevent any "wood rot" that might occur due to the humidity.


Note: Before installing the trim on the inside, apply waterproofing silicone caulk around the "cut out" to prevent any water from getting behind there..



Posted 2011-04-03T17:01:35+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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