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Bathroom sink is cracked around where the popup stopper is?

Hi.  I am a little new to this fix it stuff.  I want to be able to fix things on my own since I am a woman.  Anyway, can you tell if this can be fixed or do I need to get a new sink all together.

I have another question.  My bathroom when you turn the handle all the way to hot there is not pressure and no hot water but just cold.  Is this something I can fix myself or do I need to call a plumber.


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Posted 2011-02-27T19:03:07+0000  by jax016 jax016

Thanks for the help.  I am having a someone come from a plumbing company tomorrow to give me an estimate on how much it is going to cost to replace the sink.  I agree too that it is time just to replace the sink.

I have a question though.  It is ok to use the por-a-fix for a little chip in my shower?



Posted 2011-03-21T15:21:53+0000  by jax016

I had some scratches on my kitchen sink. I hated constant cleaning it.I couldn't afford replacing. I checked online and found a repair kit from NNREPAIR. They have different colors, i picked mine - Kohler white. They delivered my order in 3 days. Instruction was very clear and repair itself was very easy. All i had to do is clean the damaged area, apply the repair material, then i cured it with light, so it hardened, then i polished it. Sink looks like new.

Posted 2013-02-08T08:51:00+0000  by ElenaS
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