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Hi, I am a single female who is low on funds right now so I am trying to save money makining a repair myself. It seems simple enough...LOL. Last night when I shut off my water at the tub, I continued to leak a small amount. It has continued to do that and I had to shut off the main valve all day to save water. I took a pic of the part of the tub and took it to a hardware store. The guy was a real A/O and smarted off to me. He got as far as saying that it is a Moen faucet and that they do not sell them so basically, he was not eager to help me. So I thought that I would ask on here and then drive to the Home Depot closest to me. Can you help? There is NEVER anyone around in the H/D store where I shop to ask for help. NEVER. I have even ask for help and they have brushed me off and said that they would send someone and they never showed up. Can you help so that I can know what part I need when I get there? It is a faucet that is right to left, hot to cold and pull out for water to fill the tub and push in for off. It is not extremely old. Thanks alot.



P.S. I even used to be a seasonal temp there at the O'Fallon store this spring in garden but I still can't get anyone to help wait on me.

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Posted 2013-01-02T21:34:41+0000  by Samcuao Samcuao

Hello Samcuao,


Welcome to the community.


Sorry for the lack of help in the isles.:smileyfrustrated: I’m sure we can figure out what part you need here on the community and then you can go into the store and get the correct parts to fix your faucet.


It sounds like the cartridge needs to be repaired or replaced. This is defiantly something that can be done by a willing DYIer. Once we figure out what unit it is we can let you know how to take out the old one and then install the new one.


I will need to see a couple of pictures of the shower unit. I should be able to identify it by the handle and trim piece.


So please post a couple of pictures and then we can figure out what you will need to fix it.


Here is a link to a how to project guild on how to replace a shower cartridge. It will give an idea on how easily it’s done.:smileyhappy:


I will keep a look out for your pictures so that we can get your faucet back in working order.


Thanks again for joining the Home Depot how to community.

Posted 2013-01-02T23:06:33+0000  by Christine_HD_OC
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