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Bathtub Faucet

How do you repair a worn bathtub faucet it turns the water to hot and cold, but will not turn the water completely off I am using the turn off valve to turn off the water each shower or bath 


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Posted 2011-01-15T19:02:38+0000  by jackie123 jackie123

Hi jackie123 sounds like you have a case of worn washer/O-ring. It happens over time to faucets and showers and is a fairly straightforward fix, once you know what you're dealing with. PaintPro a fellow community member actually did a great write up on the process in reply to a similar question which I'll link you to. 


  Some general tips:


  • Once the stem is out and you're at the store, if the stem is in good condition replace all washers and o-rings now rather than just the damaged one. If one has failed the others can't be far behind.
  • On the backs of the washer and o-ring packages there is a sizing chart to help you identify a correct size.
  • As PaintPro notes in his write up when turning the water to your home back on it's a good idea to leave a couple facets open to allow air to escape. People sometimes forget that turning the the water on slowly is equally important. Turning the water back on to full blast doesn't give the air in pipes much time to escape and can damage your pipes.


PaintPro's leaky shower write up




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Posted 2011-01-16T14:51:20+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL
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