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Bathtub Overflow Drain Pipe

I was redoing the caulking around my tub the other day and got curious about the overflow drain.  When I took it off I noticed that the gasket was well past it's due date and was falling apart.  I went out and bought a new gasket but when I went to put it on the overflow pipe pushed back several inches.  I noticed that I can basically move it left, right, forward and back very easily.  I can lift it up as well.  When it is down(the correct height) the base of it doesn't move.  So I'm guessing that it's sitting in a hole or pipe but is not threaded in.  Is this ok?  I really just wanted to replace a $3 gasket and do not want to rip apart my bathroom.


Any thoughts?

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Posted 2012-12-05T20:47:58+0000  by Peekay Peekay

hi i was checkin out  this post and  faund that  you may have a broken overflow pipe and that can generate other problems such damage to your flor and walls even on ceilings if this tub is located  upstairs  so what i will do in this case is check out for water  leaks  just set a plug  i to the drain of the tub and fill it up to past the over flow if your bathroom is setting on a single story house you need to go under the house and locate the drain pipes for that bathroom and if you see any water  leaks or drips that will lead you to the problem  if this is on a 2nd story check for any sings os moisture on the ceiling under the tub good luck  ......

Posted 2012-12-14T06:49:12+0000  by charly
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