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Bathtub Surround Edge

We just purchased a new bathtub and a bathtub surround from Home Depot.  My father and husband installed it in our completely gutted bathroom.  The problem they ran into was that you can see the screws on the outside edges of the tub surround.  We have considered possibly tiling this part or using vinyl beadboard to cover it.  I am just hoping that someone has run into a similar issue.

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Posted 2011-05-16T17:38:54+0000  by mamareese mamareese




Hi there mamareese and welcome to the community.


Mamaresse to be honest with you I haven’t really dealt yet with the specific issue you have described but I have used many different molding profiles to cover things up :smileyhappy:


I'm not sure which specific product your father and husband have installed but all tub surround products I have installed so far didn’t require any fasteners.


What is the brand name of the installed product?


Tub surrounds are usually adhered to the some sort of the cement board or drywall. Fastening panels to the studs could lock the panels in and create buckling with expansion and contraction of the material during temperature changes.


frp moulding.jpgsurround.jpg


To cover the outer fastened section of the surround you can use some type of the molding adhered with a 100% clear silicone caulking.

On your next visit to the store  look for the FRP molding profiles, these  profiles are made of similar materials and color wise they fairly match our in stock tub surrounds.


Hope this helps and good luck with your project.

Posted 2011-05-16T19:26:04+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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