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Bathtub wall surrounding

I am going to fix the wall around my tub and would like to know if I can just put green board sheetrock. I am not going to put tile, I just want a plain wall.
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Posted 2015-07-23T14:47:27+0000  by RTM561 RTM561
Hi Rtm561,

Green board will work fine, it will have to be painted of course. This will not work if you have a shower installed over the tub.

Posted 2015-07-23T16:06:24+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
Ok, but I do have a shower over my bathtub; is there something similar to the Green board that I can use or will I have to put some of tile.
Posted 2015-07-23T17:40:51+0000  by RTM561
At best "green board" is resistant to moisture (which is a lot different than being waterproof) and inhibits mold grow but it is not designed for exposure to water as you would have in a tub or shower.  Some manufacturers even caution against using it as a substrate for tile in a shower or tub.

If you don't want to tile, you would be far better off installing a surround.
Posted 2015-07-23T22:41:23+0000  by Adam444
Hi RTM561,

Tub surrounds may be the easiest to install.

Typically, they snap or slide together, attach to the wall frame, and when caulked serve as excellent water barriers.

Green board and tile are two other materials that are relatively easy to install.

If you choose this route, be certain to use TileLab sealer to waterproof the tile and grout.
Posted 2015-08-18T16:03:05+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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