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Beat the summer heat!!


With summer in full swing and temperatures high we’re all looking for ways to stay cool and comfortable. So here’s a little cheat sheet, courtesy of your friends here at The Home Depot to help you beat the summer heat.

Keeping the heat out and the cool air in should be one of the first things we take care of.  Just like in the winter timeair leaks in the home can be your number one comfort killer.  Making sure you properly seal doors with weather stripping is a proven cost and energy saving method.  We all love the effect of natural light in the home but did you know that about 40% of the heat buildup in the home comes through windows?*  Window films offer a great balance of still allowing light in while reflecting heat away.




Weather Stripping bar.JPG



Proper maintenance of your heating and cooling system is a year round job.  Though it’s tempting to set the thermostat in the 60°, try and keep it around 74°-78° mark.  This will keep your home at a comfortable temperature without making your energy cost skyrocket.  Make sure you check and change air filters if you haven’t within the past 90days.  A dirty filter restricts air flow causing the HVAC system to work harder to move air.  Lastly having your HVAC system serviced is critical and something many home owners often over look.  A HVAC system needs an occasional tune-up just like a regularly driven car, so make sure your summer is a cool one.







Running your homes main AC unit isn’t the only solution to beating the heat this summer.  Keeping air circulating through the home is just as important.  Set ceiling fans to rotate counter clockwise so that they pull the low lying cool air up into the hot air at the ceiling to help disperse heat.  For maximum cooling a portable AC unit is an excellent go to.  You get the service and output of a dedicated window unit with the versatility of a pedestal fan.  Portable AC’s are great for both apartments or HOA’s that don’t allow window mounted AC units.  Small portable or pedestal style fans are also a life saver.  They can help you get the cool air right to where you want it, and are really a must when it comes to spending time out on your patio or deck.





Speaking of the great outdoors, it just wouldn’t be summer if you didn’t spend any time outdoors and we’ve even got you covered there.  For relaxing on the patio for extended periods consider the install of an awning.  With multiple patterns and styles available you can enjoy the outdoors in stylish shade, and with a retractable model YOU chose what your weather is going to be like for the day!  With these tips in hand your summer is going to be a breeze.


Have an enjoyable and safe season everyone!





*credit @weatherchannel

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