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Bed Bug Control

When I'm in the aisles advising Home Depot customers about bed bugs, I suggest they view getting rid of them as a three step concept: detection, treatment and prevention. The Home Depot sells several products that are intended to be used at each step of the process, to help make sure they're well on their way to being bed bug free.

1. Detection

Be aware of the telltale signs of bedbugs; they leave clusters of dark brown or black spots of dried excrement on infested surfaces. They often go unseen because of their flat shape and dark color. It could take days or even weeks to capture these pests, so don’t expect quick results. Set up a trap that will attract and capture some of the bugs. Sticky traps are easy to place and contain no harmful poisons. Harris Bed Bug Traps will lure and trap bed bugs to give you an indication of the severity of the infestation.



After you assess the need, treatment is the next step.


2. Treatment

Applying chemical controls to the surfaces of the floors and frames of the furniture eliminate the breeding areas of these insects. Remove the cushions if possible and spray the surfaces of the furniture in the room. You can spray the back of the cushion for better coverage. The dust that collects in the seams and crevices of the bed frame are breeding grounds for these bugs. Clean out the cracks and crevices and spray the bed posts, frame and rails. Spray the entire floor including under the bed, chairs and tables. Anywhere that you miss will potentially harbor bed bugs. This includes other rooms. Bed bugs (or fleas) that remain in other areas will continue to breed.


Bed bugs are closely related to fleas. Their life cycle is also quite similar. The larval development includes 5 molting stages that can be stopped with the use of an Insect Growth Regulator, or IGR. These IGRs are chemicals that are added to insecticides to give a combination of control in one product. Currently, Nylar is the brand name of pyriproxyfen which is the active growth inhibitor. This chemical is relatively harmless to mammals and is used in flea control for animals. Nylar will break the life cycle of the insect. Read the product label on the front of the container to find Nylar listed in the active ingredients.


The IGR will remain effective for up to seven (7) months. It is water based, so re apply when washed with water. The other insecticide in the mix will kill adult insects for about a month. This chemical method of insect control is effective for bringing an infestation under control. Avoid contact with these chemicals while they are wet. They’re safe after they dry.


Check your local Home Depot for the availability of insect sprays that contain Insect Growth Regulators. They are available in some areas, and not in others.


The latest non-IGR spray contains Deltamethrin and provides long lasting and odorless protection from all insects. Bayer Advanced Carpenter Ant and Termite Spray supplies this protection.



Raid Max Bug Barrier also utilizes deltamethrin and has a unique battery powered sprayer for easy application.


Raid Max Defense Marker puts the protection exactly where you need it.


To utilize a less toxic method of bed bug prevention, an application of diatomaceous earth (DE) on the frames of your furniture will kill insects for many months. DE is a powder that slices into the exoskeleton of the hard shelled insects, causing them to dehydrate and die. Our skin is not adversely affected by the powder.


Harris Makes a Bed Bug Kit to detect, treat and prevent these pests.


3. Prevention

The key to any pest control is to take steps to prevent the infestation. Close inspection, especially when travelling can help you avoid transporting the pests from one place to another. The sticky traps are easily packed to travel with to alert you of potential infestations wherever you are. Place them around the floor to catch any crawling insects and spiders, too.


The key to indoor insect control is to affect the bugs where they live. You have to think on a tiny scale, because what we consider small crevices are quite hospitable to bed bugs.


Professional exterminators are the experts and have the ability to apply chemicals that are not available to the retail market. They also have vast experience and the ability to assess the situation at your home on an individual basis. Don’t hesitate to seek professional help when you feel that it is needed.





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