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Bed Bugs

I am getting my final treatment on Sat. from the exterminator my building made me use. I slept in my room last night (Wednesday) and after 2 treatments there are still alot of bed bugs left because i caught and killed quite a few. I have never seen as many as i did yesterday maybe they were all hungry because I havent stayed home for about a week. My hopes are now crushed that the exterminators can do this since this is going to be the final treatment, so I would like to know what is best to use on my own like the powders or spray or bombs? I am lost as to what to do this has cost me alot of sleepless nights alot of money and alot of sanity can someone please help as to what i can do on my own? They are only in my room so that is all that  I am worried about. I am just considering throwing everything out especially my carpet

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Posted 2012-03-16T05:22:05+0000  by Transporter Transporter

Just a quick word of advice. My sister had bedbugs last July and the ONLY solution we found, after trying all the other recommended, was to rent 4 infrared propane fired heaters. It took three days and a lengthy hotel stay for the family, as the temperature in the home reached 150 degrees, but it worked.

Good Luck. My sister still freaks at the sight of any type of tiny creepy crawly.


Posted 2012-12-20T01:40:44+0000  by bouiesgirll
Diatomaceous earth is the best non-toxic, warm blooded animal friendly stuff to use...!!! Food grade kind even will help w/certain human illnesses...:) Definitely worth checking into...!!! Gets rid of Bed Bugs, Roaches, & Fire Ants...& many more hard to get rid of pests...!!!
Posted 2012-12-18T09:25:28+0000  by wolf8u
Do you know anything about the landlord responsibility rule in Philadelphia, PA? or where I should look to find out?
Posted 2012-10-25T19:07:36+0000  by bgt

I lived with bedbugs and the hell of getting rid of them for six months.  As a response, I wrote my English term paper about them.


The way you say "my building" it sounds like you live in an apartment.  If you do, they can't just screw you like that.  There may not be legislation in your state about it already, however many other states have adapted some and it can be used as precedence to force them to take care of the problem.


- “No man shall be required to pay rent for a house infested with bed bugs” declared a Chicago jury in 1895 (Potter).


- In August of 2010, former New York state Governor David Paterson signed legislation that requires all landlords must disclose any history of bed bugs within the past year to prospective tenets.  This law applies only to New York City, in which there were 11,000 complaints issued about the parasites in 2009 alone (Journal of Property Management).


- On 12 July 2010 a law took effect in Maine that not only required landlords to disclose information of past infestations, but also set regulations on who had to pay for the removal.  In this instance, landlords are required to cover the costs of extermination, however a clause exists that can move the responsibility to the tenets if they do not cooperate with extermination efforts (Journal of Property Management).


- In New Jersey, a state-wide bill passed in February 2010 requires landlords to pay for removal or face fines of $300 per bedroom and/or $1,000 per common area.  They must also provide resources to tenets on the insects and preventative methods (Journal of Property Management).


- The state of Massachusetts decreed that infestations fall under the current statute requiring landlords to “maintain the dwelling you own without insect infestation” (MA: 105 CMR 410.550).  Property owners are responsible for inspecting each unit and financing any required extermination (Journal of Property Management).


- Several other states have pressed for legislation about bed bug infestations.  In Illinois, pending legislation would require landlords to take responsibility for infestation.  Additionally, discussions have been ongoing about petitioning the federal government to allow banned insecticides to be used in treating bed bugs in residential units.  Ohio has already petitioned the federal government to use the chemicals, and also has pending legislation to create an awareness and prevention program.  The matter has also been brought before the U.S. House of Representatives in a bill that would give grants to assist individual states in inspecting hotels for the parasites (Journal of Property Management).


This gives you plenty of backup if your apartment building is flaking out on you.  If you'd like, I'll email you my entire paper on the subject, which includes their biology, history, best ways to remove them, and legislation (all of which I believe I pasted above).  I'm also willing to answer any and all other questions you have.  Anything I can do to help someone else not live in that hell.


Casey Kelley

Posted 2012-03-30T17:31:16+0000  by Arbre

Should  read, ..."deprivse them of a place to hide and breed"

Posted 2012-03-30T00:43:58+0000  by ordjen

 It is also a good idea to get a plastic mattress cover. This deprives the little critters of a place to hide and breathe. Changing the bedding daily will help also. You don't need to actually wash the sheets, blankets and pillows, but tumble them under high heat in the dryer. Bedbugs cannot survive high heat. In fact, some exterminators kill bed bugs buy extreme heating of the entire  room for several hours.

Posted 2012-03-30T00:41:20+0000  by ordjen

Definitely seconding the use of bed bug powder for this remaining problem. I used it myself for a bed bug problem after the spray and it worked well. Good luck!

Posted 2012-03-29T17:13:30+0000  by SamGerald

Just finished the 3rd treatment a great deal less when i sleep found like 2 each night. not sure where they are coming from i will spray and vacuum anything else i should be doing or get mroe treatments?

Posted 2012-03-20T16:08:43+0000  by Transporter
The powders that don't stink are usually borax or deltamethrin. Powders will have a long residual effect and they will kill adult insects, but not their larvae. Put powder where the mess is not an issue.

Posted 2012-03-20T12:06:05+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL

Thanks im just so scared their third treatment wont work i dont know what to do. I cant live like this anymore I just dont really know what to do if it doesnt work. I will get this also and hope it all works. Is the powder a good option? I heard it was effective.

Posted 2012-03-17T04:21:07+0000  by Transporter
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