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Bed Bugs

I am getting my final treatment on Sat. from the exterminator my building made me use. I slept in my room last night (Wednesday) and after 2 treatments there are still alot of bed bugs left because i caught and killed quite a few. I have never seen as many as i did yesterday maybe they were all hungry because I havent stayed home for about a week. My hopes are now crushed that the exterminators can do this since this is going to be the final treatment, so I would like to know what is best to use on my own like the powders or spray or bombs? I am lost as to what to do this has cost me alot of sleepless nights alot of money and alot of sanity can someone please help as to what i can do on my own? They are only in my room so that is all that  I am worried about. I am just considering throwing everything out especially my carpet

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Posted 2012-03-16T05:22:05+0000  by Transporter Transporter

Just a quick word of advice. My sister had bedbugs last July and the ONLY solution we found, after trying all the other recommended, was to rent 4 infrared propane fired heaters. It took three days and a lengthy hotel stay for the family, as the temperature in the home reached 150 degrees, but it worked.

Good Luck. My sister still freaks at the sight of any type of tiny creepy crawly.


Posted 2012-12-20T01:40:44+0000  by bouiesgirll
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