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Beginner Question: Table Saw or Mitre Saw?

I'm a complete beginner...father of 5 who wants to start working with wood for small home projects like a dog house, simple table, wood trim for exterior of house, etc. 


What saw would be the best to start with? Table or Mitre?



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Posted 2012-10-23T20:54:26+0000  by KCGully KCGully

Hello KCGully, and welcome to the community!


Being a woodworker for more than 35 years, most, including myself, will suggest you get the table saw. The table saw is the most versatile of the saws, and if you watch any of those woodworking shows on tv, they usually start their projects on the table saw.


Whether you are cutting with the grain or against, making a dado cut to build a shelf, or making a miter cut for a frame, it can be done on the table saw.


Another thing to keep in mind, table saws come either stationary or portable. Portable saws are lightweight, for you to carry outside to the backyard or out to the jobsite. The stationary table saws are very heavy, usually cast iron, some have a granite surface to give you a smooth flat surface and it wont rust.


For projects that involve cutting wood less than 10" deep, the miter saw is an excellent choice. Your cuts are made quickly, the saw very portable, usually made from aluminum. If you are looking to cut crown moulding, the miter saw the saw of choice by most finishing carpenters.


I suggest you go into your nearest Home Depot and check out the saws, and consider renting one for the day or weekend, and get the feel of it, or if a friend has a saw you like, ask to borrow theirs for a test trial. The bigger stationary saws, I believe are not rented, but if your store has it on display you can check it out.

Posted 2012-10-24T00:21:12+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
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