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Behr Alkyd Paint

I just bought a gallon of Behr Alkyd in white to test for our kitchen cabinets. Everyone suggests this over latex, and oil-base is impossible to find anymore. I will be spraying it, and of-course Behr says not to thin it, but they say that for a lot of their paints and the ones they allow you to thin they only suggest a very small amount. What can I use to thin it?

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Posted 2013-05-13T01:38:31+0000  by Rayme20 Rayme20

I have used this product in a sprayer and found that it is thin enough - right out of the can.  If you feel that you still need to thin it then use a small amount (a cap full) to the paint.


BEHR 1-Gal. White Semi-Gloss Oil-Based Interior/Exterior PaintKlean-Strip 1-Pint Paint Thinner


One tip is to keep it at room temperature before spraying. Oil based paint will become thick when cold and thin when warm.

Posted 2013-05-13T17:20:00+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL




Are you referring to an oil based alkyd or the new Behr water based alkyd being introduced in some Home Depots around the country?

Posted 2013-05-14T06:53:01+0000  by ordjen

Yes, the new Behr Alkyd is what I purchased, I can't find the above oil-base or else I would go with that. I was told that the Alkyd's on the market right now are the best option for cabinets instead of latex because they dry harder. I just need to thin it. I have tried spraying it and it does indeed spray, but it spits it out and doesnt level out completely, its too thick. I usually thin my latex paints quite a bit when I spray.

Posted 2013-05-14T11:57:55+0000  by Rayme20




Unfortunately, not every Home Depot store has these products. My store has neither . I have not been able to use either of these products to date. The offerings of my store for a good, hard cabinetry paint is very limited. Foolishly, in my opinion!


The instructions on the WB Alkyd definitely state DO NOT THIN in large letters! WB acrylics can definitely be thinned somewhat, but what the implications of over thinning this alkyd is is unknown to me. I doubt that the old painters trick of heating the alkyd would work on the WB version, but might be worth a try ( oils thin out when heated).


Wish I could be of more help

Posted 2013-05-14T15:49:04+0000  by ordjen
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