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Behr All in One Wood Cleaner

How would apply All in One Wood Cleaner on existing deck.
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Posted 2013-08-03T14:22:29+0000  by rmbigkahuna rmbigkahuna



On large deck areas, the fastest way to do the decking is to mix the Behr 2in1 in a plastic 5 gallon pail and then apply it with a fluffy paint roller on the end of a broom stick. Apply it as if you were mopping the deck. You must keep the deck wet with the solution for about 30 minutes. Do not let it dry out. If it starts to dry, merely roll more solution on. If the decking is badly grayed or there is a mill glaze on new decking, a scrubbing with an old fashioned scrub brush on the end of a broom stick will aid in get rid of grayed wood or mill glaze.


If railings and other verticle wood surfaces are to be cleaned, the Behr solution can be loaded in a pump garden sprayer Again, thoroughly wet the wood and keep it wet for 30 minutes or so.


After the solution has cleaned the surfaces, it may be powered washed off or rinsed with a vigorous garden hose spray.Use caution with a power washing unit as it can dig into the decking and fuzz up the surface of the wood, in which case you will be down on your knees with a sander smoothing it out!


After the deck has thoroughly dried out, you should be ready for the stain.


Hope this has helped.

Posted 2013-08-05T04:07:37+0000  by ordjen
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