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Behr Deckover Bubbling

I applied Behr Deckover to my porch floor in the Spring of 2014.  I followed the preparation instructions -- power washed the floor, allowed it to fully dry, applied two coats, etc.

It looked great all Summer and Fall and I would have rated it with 5 stars.  This Spring, however, the product has bubbled up all over the floor.  Now I see in the reviews that this is relatively common problem.  So, I would not recommend this product at this time.

Now, I'm wondering what my options are.  Installation last Spring took a lot of time and I hat to just start over.  But I don't see an alternative at this point.

Very disappointed..

Any ideas how to proceed?
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Posted 2015-04-17T22:16:47+0000  by tvholm tvholm

Obviously, I don't know all the particulars of your situation, however, I would make some general observations:

Wherever bubbling and or peeling is present, you can be sure that moisture is involved. At wood moisture content over 12%, some peeling or bubbling can be expected. Granted, the average homeowner does not own a moisture meter.

 Bubbling and peeling  is also a sign of poor adhesion to the surface. Firmly adhered acrylic paints or stains, such as from Behr, don't readily let go of the surface. Whenever going over an old finish, the new products adhesion is only as good as that of the old finish. Older finishes should be tight, or, better removed completely. If the old finish lets go, so will coating placed over it.  New wood should not have a "mill glaze" on it. It is always a good idea to sand new and old  wood with 80 grit sandpaper to open up the grain to facilitate good adhesion.

This all being said, the question is what do I do now? Best would be to remove the DeckOver completely with Behrs Wood Stain And Finish Stripper". Removal by sanding would be somewhat difficult due to the ceramic grit that is put into DeckOver for foot traction. However, sanding could be possibly done using a belt sander with 24 or 36 grit sandpaper or using commercial grade sanding equipment from a rental center. Again, final sanding would be with an 80 grit sandpaper.
Posted 2015-04-20T05:21:12+0000  by ordjen

Hello TVholm! 

I would recommend calling Behr Technical Support and tell them what is going on. Behr stands behind their products and will walk you through how to fix your issue and, if there is an issue with the product, they will ensure you are taken care of. 

Here is their technical support number: 1-800-854-0133 ext. 2 

If you have any more questions, please let us know, 


Posted 2015-04-20T11:59:26+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL
Sorry to learn of your problem tvholm!

I believe both Ordjen and Christine have given you exceptional insight toward solving your problem

Behr DeckOver is classified as a solid color stain.

Stains must contact bare, fully-exposed wood to absorb into the surface.

So, over-coating existing finishes or application onto water-saturated boards will impede adhesion.

I really like Ordjen's suggestion to sand the entire surface.

This will remove any sealer or paint and it will also smooth the surface of your boards ... for better appearance.

Your Tool Rental Associate can show you the 18- by 24-inch box sander.

Cut the old surface with 60- or 80-grit and finish with 150-grit.

Use Behr All-In-One to clean off the sanding dust and kill any mildew on the surface.

Do not use high pressure.

Thoroughly rinse with a garden hose and allow to air dry at least six-hours.

Then apply your stain of choice.


Christine is so right!

Behr Technical Support is among the most helpful and responsive customer service teams I have ever encountered.

Be prepared with an exact description of your process and they should be able to verify the steps to future success.

Again, we're sorry you had this problem!

Posted 2015-04-21T16:39:03+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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