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Behr Deckover Discoloration

Please help!!! I am having a problem with Behr Deckover. I have followed the instructions to the letter, especially the cleaning of the surface. When the brown paint is applied, it looks PURPLE! When tested at the store, the color is perfect. The paint spilled on the lid of the can is perfect. When applied to the decks, it's a whole different color. I don't know if Home Depot's color calibration is off or if the base is bad.  I have used two coats.  I have applied to new wood as well old.


I have no clue what's happening, but the color definitely is not what I want.

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Posted 2013-09-21T23:25:55+0000  by moniker35 moniker35




When you saw the DeckOver sample in the store, did you also take it out into the sunlight to see how it appeared?Colors can look distinctly different under artificial light as opposed to daylight.

Posted 2013-09-22T04:18:16+0000  by ordjen

I did not test it outside at the store, however, the stirring stick I used at home looked great in the daylight as well as in the shaded areas.  I compared the stick to the deck at the deck location and the difference is obvious.  This makes me want to blame the wood itself, but I cleaned it with the recommended Behr cleaners and gave it a week to dry before painting.  Also, There was no rain the week before painting and not until 4 days after painting.  As for the wood, some of it was put down in 1985, other parts in 2004, and a few boards were replaced before cleaning with new wood from the store.  All wood gave the same results

Posted 2013-09-22T12:49:58+0000  by moniker35



If the paint stick looks significantly different than the same stain on the actual deck, i am at a loss to explain what is going on, especially a purpleish look. Minor tannin bleeding might be possible, but that would have a blotchy reddish or yellowish stained appearance.Underlying wood does not normally affect the final color appearance of the stain.


Perhaps one of my fellow posters has some insight as to what might be going on?

Posted 2013-09-22T16:45:27+0000  by ordjen
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