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Behr Medium Base 1754

About 3-4 weeks ago I purchased two quarts of "Interior Flat Enamel, Medium Base, 1754". One was tinted in Raging Sea and the other in Pewter Mug. This was done to paint a larger area of a wall in order to make sure I liked both the color and finish. Today I purchased two gallons of "Medium Base 1754" tinted in those same colors to start painting, but there has since been a revision because cans aren't the same.


The first cans say "Interior Flat Enamel, Medium Base 1754" and have a revision date of 12/11.


The new cans say "Interior Matte, Medium Base 1754" with a revision date of 04/12.


Is there any difference between them? Why was it changed from "Flat Enamel" to "Matte"? And is there any difference in the finish because another part of the label changed as well. The older can says "Easy-Clean, Low-Lustre, Matte Appearance" whereas the newer can says "Easy-Clean, Low-Reflective Appearance". Why would that change unless the luster isn't the same?



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Posted 2013-10-28T18:13:07+0000  by 65Cobra 65Cobra

Hello 65Cobra!


I'm sorry for the confusion that the new labels have caused you.:smileysad: Recently Behr updated the labels on the Behr Ultra paint. The formally flat enamel Behr Ultra paint now says "flat matte". Behr has assured us that the sheen is the same and that there should not be any worry in the sheens matching.


- Christine :)

Posted 2013-10-28T18:55:13+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL

I appreciate the reply. Although I understand the reasons for updating labels, there has been so much confusion with the paint terms being used that even the store employees can't get it right. They tried to tell me the label never said "flat enamel" which I knew was wrong because I copied it from the can myself. And flat vs matte? I don't understand what the point is. But hopefully you're right so I plan to paint another are next to the one I did in flat enamal and hopefully the sheen will be identical. Will report back here in a few days. Thanks.


Posted 2013-10-28T22:22:15+0000  by 65Cobra




My speculation , which is based on no knowledge, is that Behr and Home Depot are trying to make a greater deliniation between Behr Premium Plus and Premium Plus Ultra . Not only was the term"enamel" dropped, but the term "self-primeing" was moved from the front of the label in large type, to the side of the label and in smaller type.


To my knowledge, there has been no change made in either's formulations recently. Suspicious person that I am, I believe these were marketing decisions made to promote the higher priced Ultra paint.


Customers constantly ask for the "self-priming paint" , referring to the Ultra because that is the way it is advertised on TV. In reality, both Premium Plus and PP Ultra are self-priming in that they will seal dry surfaces and they will adhere to slick surfaces. However, Ultra is also a stain killing primer and Premium Plus is not.


I don't mean to demean Ultra. It is an excellent product which is well worth the money, especially in certain areas such as kitchens and baths( it was formerly called Kitchen and Bath in the early years) but it should be hyped on its own merits, not by downplaying another excellent product which continues to exhibit the same desireable qualities as it always had. Premium Plus Matte (or flat enamel) continues to be a great product and consistantly rates highly when tested by Concumers Reports.

Posted 2013-10-29T02:53:52+0000  by ordjen

Thanks ordjen. I appreciate your chiming in. I just wish all these companies would stop playing games. I feel like they're intentionally changing terminology, either to make buyers think the paint was improved, or to have an excuse when things go wrong. I'd like to smack the guy (NCIS style) who came up with a matte finish.


Posted 2013-10-29T04:08:26+0000  by 65Cobra
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