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Behr Premium Deck Over

Would like some "reviews" on the Behr Premium Deck Over Product

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Posted 2013-05-14T12:46:46+0000  by momofeveryone momofeveryone



Let me first start by saying that am an owner of a large custom swimming pool company. Over the years, we have done many spraydeck knock-down finishes on pool decks, patios, walks, and other concrete surfaces. We've used products from a number of manufacturers with varying results (some good, some not so much).


I own a fairly large concrete pool and about 3,600 SF of concrete deck that surrounds it. About 1 month ago it was time to re-spraydeck the surface. The Deck Over product was brought to our attention by a local painting contractor. I decided to give it go and purchased (8) 5 gallon pails to start with of the desert tan color.


Upon application, we were very happy. It's a very thick product and covers VERY well. It's consistency is about like pancake batter. The surface was cleaned 3 times prior to application.


We followed directions perfectly from the label and the coverage was close doing the 2 coats that are recommended. You have to wait in between coats and keep traffic to a minimum if possible.


Things I really like:


1- It is VERY cool to bare feet.

2- Good coverage and easy to apply

3- Non slippery surface- actually feels a little "grippy" to feet.

4- Wide range of Colors available


BUT, After having the product applied now for a month, I really am struggling with a few things:


1- The surface is VERY easily marked by even the smallest things. Dog footprints, chairs, tables, rolling anything with wheels on it (coolers, handcarts, chaise lounges with wheels, etc.). The marks seem to go deep into the surface. I have a few mulch/landscape areas around the pool and if the dogs walk in them and then onto the pool deck, it has paw prints everywhere. Think you can hose them off? Guess again! I have tough brissel brushes and mild soap solutions won't even touch it! I spent about 3 hours with a stainless steel pool brush and a combo 12.5% Sodium Hypochlorite (Strong Bleach)and wash detergents and it still does not come clean. This alone almost negates items 1-4 above.

2- It chips more easily than I am used to on concrete topical surfaces. Not a delamination chip but if you happen to move something heavy onto the concrete, say a large cast pot, if you are not ever so careful, you WILL make a gouge or remove some of the surface.

3- The product foams after install for about a week. It's akin to putting soap on the deck and when it rains, you see foam bubbles like washing a car. This is different than others have mentioned about bubbling where they had sub-surface anomalies like sap or greasy areas cause the surface to "pimple" up and need to be lanced. My foaming of the surface went away after about 1 week which I have seen in the past as products fully cure out. Just wanted to point it out in case other noticed it as well.


This review is getting to long so I'm gonna wrap it up with this thought. I think this product stains and shows marks WAY too easily. I am a bit bummed (really more than a bit) about spending a bunch of money and my time on this product (I had to go back for (4) more 5 gallon pails, so add it up). I am now considering sealing it with a multi-purpose sealer to see if it helps at all. I KNOW it will make it more glossy and also in return much more slippery. It is possible that it could make it hotter as well.


I equate this to the way flat paint acts on your home walls; no reflections of light BUT if you so much as touch the wall, you can transfer oils from you skin than stains the wall paint. 


I try to be fair in assessments of products that I use and consume and hopefully this is helpful to others.


I welcome any BEHR rep to contact me directly if there is a solution to the problems listed above. At this point and time, I can not recommend that it is used on or around medium traffic areas of concrete.


Really Bummed Out in NC

Posted 2013-07-08T20:59:39+0000  by Byopools

Can  the Deckover product be used on masonary walls?

Posted 2013-07-09T12:32:16+0000  by rmalizia

I just finished two coats on my 500 sq ft deck last night. The deck is about 15 years old, and pine. I cleaned it well with the behr all in one cleaner and let it dry completely...I only went through about 3 gallons with two coats..I rolled it on, and I put it on very generously(at least I thought I did)..I have quite a bit left over after the two coats(approx 7 gallons). When they say that 1 gallon covers 2 coats of 50 sq ft, does that mean I should make sure to use the whole gallon on that 50 sq ft? Also, I used a 3/8 nap roller. Should I have used a 1/2 inch nap, or even maybe a 1inch nap to get more on the wood?

Posted 2013-07-13T13:48:53+0000  by oleksiakd

I have a guy outside power washing my deck as I type. After reading the reviews about the bubbles, how long should I wait to apply the Deck Over Paint? I was going to start on the railings first then apply to the ground. Also, do I need to apply a sealant first or just go with the one coat? Please advise...

Posted 2013-07-13T17:01:14+0000  by recee312

Sometimes there may be spots that did not dry enough or possibly still had some chemical residue from the cleaning.  Without knowing exactly what the cause is - just remember that all high quality 100% acrylics require lots of time to cure or harden.  I suggest giving the coating a good 30 days to cure and treat the floor carefully until then.


Also, this product can be touched up when scratched or chipped off.

Posted 2013-07-14T15:09:27+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL

Yes, but if you are attempting to stop water intrusion from the outside you will want to use products designed for that - like waterproofers.

Posted 2013-07-14T15:11:49+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL

The 50 sq/ft ratio pr can is for two coats coverage (two coats are required). A 500 sq/Ft deck floor (roughly 22ft x22ft) should require about 10 gals according to DECKOVER's label.  That's a lot of product!


The required coverage amount is a suggested number that takes in consideration the "worst case scenario" - like a deck in bad shape. If for instance a deck is smooth and not very dry, then the required amount would be less.


 I have applied this product both over decks in poor condition and decks that are not so bad.  I have found that the coverage varies in every situation. So in conclusion...I think you are in good shape with the amount of coating that has been applied.  If you are trying to find something else to do with the extra product - consider applying a third coat.

Posted 2013-07-14T16:20:49+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL

Hi.  Did you strip off your old pain or paint right over?  

Posted 2013-07-25T18:32:03+0000  by HomeownerDIY

I am also really bummed out by the paw prints on our deck.  We were really happy with it at first but now it is dirty and WILL NOT come clean - no matter what.  What a rip off.  


Has anyone found anything that works?  (Aside from another coat of paint.)  We have three kids and a dog and like to entertain a lot.  It's also the only access to the backyard so if it rains, paw prints are inevitable.  


When is Behr going to respond to this?  LOTS of people are complaining.

Posted 2013-07-27T02:11:18+0000  by nonlocalgirl

This product RUINED my deck!  I came home after my husband spent all weekend working on our deck and wanted to sit and cry after seeing the finished product.  The texture was so rough that it looked like something that should be covering steps on an industrial property in the north to avoid the liability associated with someone falling.  This finish literally looks like unfinished concrete.  It is so rougth I am afraid my 12 month old twins will skin their knees if they fall on it while playing.  Now, the only thing we can think to do is to sand the whole deck back down to bare wood and start over.  This is after having spent more than $500 renting a sander and paying for all of the paint that we used.  I'm sick that we ever tried this product. 

Posted 2013-07-29T16:23:47+0000  by acm
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