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Behr Premium Plus

I'm looking to paint both my bedroom and bathroom asap and finally settled on a color I am happy with(Behr Premium Plus Interior in an eggshell finish in the color Elephant Skin) only to look online and find out I have to order it?! Can I not just go in to my local HD and have an expert in the paint dept mix/create the color for me?
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Posted 2016-11-17T15:24:09+0000  by Lyriclygiftedme Lyriclygiftedme
Hi  Lyriclygiftedme,

Yes, You can go to your local Home Depot and have the paint tinted to any color on the Behr paint color chart. Good luck with your project.

Posted 2016-11-17T18:27:17+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
Hello Lyriclygiftedme.  Great name!

While an eggshell finish would be fine for your bedroom, I highly recommend using a semi gloss for the bathroom.  Semi gloss paint will stand up much better to the high humidity and more frequent cleaning that you have in a bathroom. 

In addition, unless the existing bathroom paint is in pristine condition, I would also recommend that you use a sealing primer in that room first before you apply the new paint.  Professional painters will want to use either an alkyd or shellac primer, but these are expensive and more difficult than latex to use.  A latex like Bulls-Eye 1-2-3 or Kilz latex will work just fine, offering better wall protection than just paint, or even a paint-and-primer like the Behr you have chosen.

When you talk to your local paint associate, ask for further elaboration on why using a primer in a bathroom makes sense.  He or she can show you a variety of different primer options.


Posted 2016-11-18T15:17:54+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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