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Behr Premium Plus Paint - Ultra White flat and eggshell

I was a professional painter on and off for around 10 years. I still paint for friends and relatives, though its not how I make my living. I've painted a lot of rooms with both latex and oil and most of the products that have been available for the last 40 years. I'd like to share my recent experience with Behr Prem. Plus Paint.  I painted over primer, Kilz Latex and Kilz original, 1 coat of latex on the walls 2 coats of original on the dark wood trim. Everything was properly prepared, scruffed up, washed, dust taken off etc. The Kilz stuck very well and laid out nice. The oil dried nice and smooth which I wanted on the trim. On the walls, I had to use 3 topcoats of the Behr flat paint and on the trim, 3 topcoats of the eggshell. All just to get a just passable look. This is F**ng ridiculous. Four full coats on the walls and Five coats on the trim total. 20 gallons of paint for 3 rooms. What a waste of time and money! 
I will say this about the Behr Prem. Plus. It stuck to the surface, laid out well, brushed nicely and dried evenly. The one HUGE problem it has is that it doesn't cover. Now you could say that I should have gone with the Ultra Behr product. ok, I could see that with a drastic color change but I was going over off white walls and had primed. The trim I knew I had to paint 3 coats, but 5? Never again. Next time I go with BM, they've never let me down. 
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Posted 2018-04-19T22:33:18+0000  by avisitorhere avisitorhere

The problem is that "Ultra Pure White" is what most paint companies would call a "White Base, or Base 1". What this means is that there is absolutely no colorant in it but the natural white pigment of the Titanium Dioxide. There is about 2 1/2 pounds of Titanium in every gallon of Premium Plus and Premium Plus Ultra . Had you used Benjamin Moore Base 1, you would have had similar bad coverage.

If you go to a paint store and buy a gallon of a paint merely labeled "White", you can be assured that it has already been tinted down , usually with a little raw umber and lamp black. The manufacturers do this because it drastically improves the coverage, yet still looks white next to most colors. However, never place this "White" next to a pure pastrel color, as it will look absolutely gray!

I might point out also that Kilz 2 and Original Kilz are not pure whites. Again, because a little darkening dramatically improves their ability to over old colors.

Dring my contracting years, I was a user of Ben Moore products. I often used their "Decorators White". Seen all by itself, it looks fairly white. However, it too has been grayed down significantly. If using Moore's, you wanted a "pure white", you would use their White Base and add several additional ounces of white tint to get their "Super White". However, this too sacrifices covering ability and results in multiple coats.

Sorry for your inconvenience, but it is just a fact of paint physics: pure whites just don't cover well!
Posted 2018-04-20T02:57:13+0000  by ordjen
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