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Behr Premium Plus Ultra Coverage Problem

Last weekend, I purchased some Behr Premium Plus Ultra in Sailboat (S-H-590) to repaint a bedroom.  The HD sales associate assured me that I did not need to buy any primer because the Behr Premium Plus Ultra is a paint and primer in one.  I trusted him and did not buy any primer, but this has proved to be a costly and time consuming mistake.


I applied the first coat to clean walls that were originally painted white.  As I expected, the color was very splotchy with a lot of the old white paint showing through.  I waited about 2 hours and applied a second coat.  This one also dried with inconsistent color ranging from very light spots to dark spots.  The next day, I applied a third coat, but my results only marginally improved from the second coat.


I went back to HD and bought another gallon of Sailboat, but I feel like I'll be throwing good money after bad if I keep painting with it.  Is there anything I can do to fix my problem before I put any more coats on the wall?

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Posted 2011-11-02T18:51:41+0000  by latad1285 latad1285




I guess I did not get my point across adequately in my previous post. Your Glidden paint was mixed from a full bodied white paint. WHITE PIGMENTGIVES THE BEST BLOCKING OF LIGHT. A quality white paint will cover  any color in one or two coats! Had the Behr "Sail Boat" formula been shot into a deep base Glidden product, exactly the same poor coverage would have resulted. "Deep Base" paint has NO white pigment in it, other than what is put into it at the time of tinting in the store. It is not the paint, it is the pigment formulation neccessary to achieve the desired color!


It is misplaced ire to immediately assume it is the brand of paint a fault. Professional painters and paint store personel are aware of such paint idiosyncracies and take measures to avoid them: primers, proper technique,better equipment, etc.

Posted 2012-01-24T04:28:02+0000  by ordjen
Well I guess I was wrong to assume that Home Depot personnel would trained by the supplier of the product. My mistake. And not everyone can afford to have a professional come in to paint. Believe me, at 64, I'd love not to be up on ladders. But life is what it is. I still stand by Glidden.
Posted 2012-04-14T20:48:33+0000  by sanchez8484

I started using Behr Premium Plus (not Ultra) after reading about it in Consumer Reports. It topped their list and was cheaper than just about the rest of the top 10.  Cheap gets my attention faster than brand, and while CR is no bible, I often start there.  I've used the cheapest paints I can buy, and occasionally sprung for better stuff when I knew it had to last. To a degree, you get what you pay for, but my experience with Behr interior Premium Plus is such that I won't buy another paint until everyone I know gushes about a better option.

I recently painted five rooms and a hallway, new construction, cheap UVA-primed white walls and ceilings, in three different colors -  a medium beige, a pale green, and a fairly deep blue. I could have been satisfied with one coat in all five rooms and the hallway, but since I nicked some of it up installing trim, I went back over some of it with a second coat.  It covered beautifully, went on smoothly and easily, cleaned out of rollers and brushes easily, and truly reminded me of the most expensive paints I've ever used at a good $10 per gallon cheaper.

I've heard contractors I worked with express PERSONAL preferences other than Behr, but I've never heard of any professionals who just don't like the quality.  Granted, my samples are limited, but I trust my own limited experience, the handful of pros I know, and CR more than I trust angry people on forums!

There could be some particluarly troublesome colors out there, but this stuff is good paint at a decent price.  About the only thing I don't like about it is that I have to go to Home Depot to get it! (it's farther than Lowe's and my local hardware/paint store)

I understand not liking a particular kind of paint, but suggesting this stuff isn't a quality product is just completely contrary to my experience.

Posted 2012-05-03T18:32:33+0000  by oldmanrestored




In my opinion, Behr products are at least the equal of any product out there and unbeatable at their price! The overwhelming majority of those who actually use it, continue to use it. Behr Premium Plus is the largest selling paint in North America. This is even more impressive when one considers that it is only sold at Home Depot stores.


Both Premium Plus and Premium Plus Ultra have been recently been upgraded to stay ahead of the competition:

Behr Premium is now self-priming, zero VOC and lower odor. Behr Ultra , which always was self-priming, is now also a full stain blocking paint. Both paints are now faster trying and have faster re-coat times.


Recent changes to Behr's tinting system has lowered the VOC's , even as it has increased the coverablity of the colors .Reds, greens and blues now cover much better than before. The Behr color matching system is now more able to get an exact match due to the addition of new tint colors.


I have had my hands in paint for over 55 years. During most of my contracting years, I was primarily a user of Benjamin Moore paints. The best testimony I can give is that I now use Behr exclusively in and on my house with complete satisfaction.

Posted 2012-05-04T05:49:17+0000  by ordjen

Hello Community!


I've read several accounts of members having trouble with coverage, so I wanted to add a visual demonstration of Behr Ultra.


In an earlier thread, a young lady asked about painting her apartment and then repainting when she left. I shot this video so she could see the great coverage Behr Ultra provides.


Have a look.



The key to coverage is using a three-eights nap roller cover on your smooth walls and keeping the roller loaded throughout application. You will also note I use smoothing strokes ... the easiest way to ensure great coverage.

Posted 2012-05-15T12:17:43+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

I too have had a problem with uneven coverage using the Behr Premium Plus Ultra.  I normally use the regular Behr paint and like it very well.  I want to go back to it but I was told by the associate when I purchased this paint I couldn't use the regular paint to paint over it.  Is this the case?  I didn't even mean to get this paint, it was a mistake on the associate's part to mix up the Ultra and she sold it to me at the regular paint price just so I would buy it.  My color is Feldspar, which is a light, bright green.  PLEASE HELP!  I'm almost out of this quart and need to get some more paint but I don't want to use the Ultra unless I have to.  It absolutely needs another coat.

Posted 2012-06-08T18:17:10+0000  by jiminyc




The Behr and Behr Ultra are completely compatible. I don't know what your associate was referring to. I might point out that both products have been recently upgraded. The regular Premium Plus Behr line is now self-priming, as was the Ultra always, and no VOC.


Quite frankly, I am not sure what Behr's marketing intentions are, as both products now share more traits in common, and the price is now closer together. Self-priming was one of Ultra's primary selling points, but now it shares this trait with Premium Plus. The Ultra does continue to have the advantage of being a stain killer. Premium Plus does not claim to stop such things as crayon, ink and Magic Marker stains. It seems to me that the products, to a certain extent, are "sheep stealing" from one another.

Posted 2012-06-08T20:03:30+0000  by ordjen


If I have a comment with the video, it is that the price disparity ratio was too conservative. In my experience, the material costs were more in the neighborhood of only 5 to 10% of the bid price when bidding on existing residential work, and this was using relatively over-priced national brand paints! Obviously, a high labor cost market, such as Chicago, would alter this ratio.

Posted 2012-06-08T20:13:40+0000  by ordjen

I didn't realize this, how confusing.  I wonder if other paint brands are trying to add primer in as well, it really doesn't sound like such a good idea.  Behr paint was good the way it was.  Thank  you for your reply, I guess I'll just go get some paint and see what happens.

Posted 2012-06-09T12:10:48+0000  by jiminyc

As a professional advisor and associate of Home Depot AND Behr Paint, you need to be more informed! Just take a glance at other communities and forums, and there will be no doubt in your mind that there is a serious problem with Behr Ultra interior paint! Trust me, after buying nearly $400 worth of this paint, and painting the entire inside of our new home with this product, I know for a fact that Behr has a problem.!! Now if only either Home Depot or Behr Paint would stand behind their claims~and give me a refund! 

Posted 2012-06-22T21:50:28+0000  by nanjotay
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