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Behr Premium Plus Ultra Coverage Problem

Last weekend, I purchased some Behr Premium Plus Ultra in Sailboat (S-H-590) to repaint a bedroom.  The HD sales associate assured me that I did not need to buy any primer because the Behr Premium Plus Ultra is a paint and primer in one.  I trusted him and did not buy any primer, but this has proved to be a costly and time consuming mistake.


I applied the first coat to clean walls that were originally painted white.  As I expected, the color was very splotchy with a lot of the old white paint showing through.  I waited about 2 hours and applied a second coat.  This one also dried with inconsistent color ranging from very light spots to dark spots.  The next day, I applied a third coat, but my results only marginally improved from the second coat.


I went back to HD and bought another gallon of Sailboat, but I feel like I'll be throwing good money after bad if I keep painting with it.  Is there anything I can do to fix my problem before I put any more coats on the wall?

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Posted 2011-11-02T18:51:41+0000  by latad1285 latad1285




I am a little unclear as to what the issue was with your "Cranberry" paint color?  Did you intend to go over white primer?Going over white is the worst case scenario for these dark colors, as the light tgoes through the color, hits the wall and bounces right back out. The half formula is an attempt to give you the truest representation of what you saw on the color sample card.


Other manufacturers, such as Glidden, prefer to prime the walls gray, gray reflecting less light back on out. However, this tends to dull the color somewhat, even as facilitating faster coverage.


If you had elected to simply go over an existing color without priming, the risk is an even less true rendition of the color sample card...


The concept of priming is to give you a sound, blank slate on which to begin painting. This is especially true when extensive patching has been done or there are strong stains or marks to be covered.  A white patch or dark mark will show through , transluscent colors. Given that the walls need to be primed, why not tint them to the actual color!


I can assure you that no more finish coats of Cranberry would be required over "that hideous pink" than would be over plain white, even as it gives a true representation of your chosen color.


I choose not to argue with customers. Perhaps it is my Calvanist upbringing. We all have "free will"!  :)  I can only offer my best advice derived from over 5 decades in professional painting.


Certainly Behr wishes to sell paint, but they also want to be a satisfied customer.To this end, they make such recommendations for tinted primers.

Posted 2012-12-04T05:23:45+0000  by ordjen

OK, here is the follow up to my paint/primer issue (dripping, smells bad, no coverage)

I took my empty and mostly full paint cans back to Home Depot yesterday. I was a little intimidated by the lady at the returns counter but after I listed all the problems THEN mentioned writing to the DIY forum she directed me to the Paint Dept. Again I explained to a VERY nice, smart sales woman all of the issues.

Much to my surprise SHE said it could be a bad batch and IMMEDIATELY took me back to the refund counter and told the lady there to refund BOTH gallons. I had paid cash, did not have the receipt but all the info was printed on the can.

I was given store credit! No more explaining or questions. Have to say, I WAS happy the way this was handled as I like my local Home Depot. I do think I will stick with Benjamin Moore since I have good luck with it. :smileywink:

Posted 2012-12-09T08:04:04+0000  by Pirateslife4we3

Hello PiratesLife4we3!


I have said it hundreds of times!


The Home Depot owns the customer service space in the home improvement marketplace.


I hope that wasn't too much orange pride showing through!?!


Once again, I apologize for the inconvenience this problem created.


But I'm thrilled that you came back and shared with The Community that your Paint Associate helped you resolve the problem!


Next time you paint, be certain to think about The Home Depot and my fellow associates standing behind what we sell.


We look forward to serving you again soon!

Posted 2012-12-11T19:39:06+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

My problem is not with coverage, or color consistency per se,  but rather an extremely streaky finish with Behr Utlra Premium flat on smooth walls.  It almost looks as if I've used some flat and some eggshell, but both cans were flat.  Even the paint within the same can dries extremely streaky.  Per HD staff, I've tried different rollersw without improvement.  This streaky finish is also evident regardless of which brushes I've used to trim around woodwork.  Please advise.

Posted 2012-12-20T00:48:24+0000  by mcartoni



 I am constantly taken back by the disconnect of results users of Ultra are having. Some praise Ultra to high Heaven, and some curse at it. I think it reasonable to assume that the paint leaving the Behr factory is subject to good quality control. If the paint quality is constant, there has to be other factors.


Just last week, i painedt my garage interior which had that notorious builders flat paint on it. Further, it had a sand texture which precluded washing it. After twelve years in a heated garage which does not have insulation behind the walls, the walls were really showing some dirt. Add to this, my son had spent a couple years out there smoking before he quit. There was definitely some nicotine present, but not blatantly so.Not wanting to have to seal with a stain and nicotine killing primer, I decided to go ahead with Behr Ultra Flat tinted to Off White. To this I added a little Yellow oxide to approximate the color on the doors, and also help hide any nicotine that ight bleed through.


I could not have been more pleased with the result! The walls look nice and bright with no streaking and no signs of nicotine bleed through, although Ultra does not claim to stop nicotine. Granted, the two car garage did suck up 4 gallons of paint, which I fully expected the dry builders paint would do.


I used a new quality 1/2 roller nap roller and gave the walls plenty of extra rolls to help assure even coverage. The Ultra paint on the ceilings and walls now has a nice low sheen. I ran the Ultra down on the exposed cement foundation walls too. They also looki great in only one coat!

Posted 2012-12-21T01:58:39+0000  by ordjen

I am having the same problem with the Behr paint. I expected it to be a smooth red surface. We have put two coats of the paint and primer in one on our walls and it looks terrible. Some parts are a dark red and some are lighter.The dark streaks look terrible. I heard that this was a great paint and can't believe this happened.  We used the best rollers home depot has to offer so we know it is not a roller problem. We have painted other rooms in our home with regular paint without primer  that turned out smooth and beautiful.

I really don't know what to do? Should we go buy some Benjamin Moore that is close to the same red color in hopes that it smooths it out?  This is the LAST time we will use Behr paint and primer in one! I really want my money back!!!!

Posted 2013-01-09T23:17:22+0000  by Bjames

I'm having the EXACT same problem. with a gallon of Behr California poppy, ulta all in one, I bought to paint my kitchen.  I've read through all the potential "reasons" and "fixes" and must say what I've read is bogus - the paint is simply not doing what it's supposed to do.


I'm not applying it too soon - I've been painting different rooms of my new, unoccupied house, moving from room to room, so each coat gets to sit for at least a day before the next one goes on.


I'm not applying it too thin - I used a different brand to paint  two other rooms, each larger than my kitch.  Both rooms looked like they merely needed spot touch-ups after the FIRST coat.  Of course I did a full second coat - but my point is, I'm not laying it on too thin.


When I mixed some of this paint with a different base (in white, to make a tint for the ceiling) the coat coverage was fine.


This paint base is absolutely not an all-in-one and a primer is absolutely needed.  I feel ripped off.  It's not only a matter of having to repurchase the paint and now purchase a primer as well, but it's the time as well.


Posted 2013-04-07T03:19:48+0000  by kylemac
I have some of same issues. Most significant is poor coverage and roller streaks. I just painted three adjoining rooms, slightly different colors. I have now put on three coats with same streaking and inconsistent color. I've painted many many times in my life and have never been so disappointed with the outcome. I've used behr before as well as Pittsburg and have always been happy with both. Being in the Midwest I thought maybe the paint had frozen during delivery, but now reading comments on DYI posts it sounds like there are issues with paint and primer in one. Very disappointing especially since the paint is so expensive. Now I have to repaint and that sucks because it takes a lot of time to tape and prep. And yes, I used the best brushes and rollers HD had to offer. I started with 3/8 rollers and switched to 1/2 with very little improvement. I guess it off to menards for Pittsburgh 
Posted 2016-02-03T17:39:25+0000  by Kennyboy
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