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Behr Premium Plus Ultra on a metal front door.

I used Behr Premium Plus Ultra Satin Enamel at the suggestion of the girl mixing the paint. I properly prepped the door but it won't cover. I'm on my second coat and it streaks and shows the original white door if I use a brush and does the same with a roller. I had a similar experience w/Behr Eggshell on my dining room and had to use 3! coats to cover even though it was paint/primer product. Unless there are some good suggestions, I'm DONE with Behr. PS - I used Glidden in another room with NO problems.

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Posted 2013-11-03T16:11:57+0000  by catluvah58 catluvah58




Without knowing exactly what color of Behr you were working with and what color was on the door to begin with, it is difficult to determine why you are having coverage problems.


Shooting blind, I would hazard a quess that you are going over a white door with a very dark, bright color. I will hazard a quess that your paint is mixed in a "deep base", which means the only pigment in the pot is what is shot into it. Behr puts a symbol on all their colors right next to the name which looks like a daggar. The daggar warns that it is a color that does not cover  well. Whenever this symbol is seen, measures should be taken to aid in coveage, such as a tinted primer.


I can state that the problem is not the paint per se, but the colors chosen. Had you picked your favored Glidden in the same colors, the results would have been the same!


If you tell us what colors were used over what, we might be able to suggest how you should proceed.


Hope this has helped.

Posted 2013-11-03T17:25:07+0000  by ordjen

You are correct on the door. It was a standard white door and I picked Catalina Coast and she gave me a Deep Base. After 3 coats, it's covering however I keep finding 'hidden' white streaks. The color that I used before was a creamy beige and I was painting over a light green wall. Strangely enough I painted a bathroom with Glidden Cappacino White that was a darker salmon. It did require 2 coats but covered well.

Posted 2013-11-03T22:51:57+0000  by catluvah58




May I offer a few explanations of why specific colors cover or not: The primary determinant of how well a paint covers is the amount and quality of the white pigment in it. Behr Premium and Premium Ultra have over 4 pounds of titanium dioxide in them. Titanium dioxide  is the quality pigment that replaced white lead in quality paints about 40 years ago after lead was banned. Behr  Ultra Pure White will cover just about anything in two coats. This is because white pigment blocks light rays extremely well.


The problem with dark colors is that much or all of the white pigment has to be removed to allow that dark color to be reached.


 The second problem is that the primary colors,  i.e. red, yellow, blue, do not block light well. The ability of light rays to pass through the paint film and bounce back out at you is why they are perceived as not covering. Very dark, bright colors do not block the light rays and will therefore not cover well.  It is a common misperception that dark colors will cover well. This is not generally true.


The organic darkening pigments, such as raw umber, lamp black, etc, do block light rays well. However, these organic colorants also dull a color. A dark, dull color will cover well, because of these organic colorants.


Your Catalina Coast contains a couple ounces each of  blue(EL) and green(DL), a touch of yellow oxide(CL) and 7 ounces of white(KXL). This amount of white is a small fraction of what would be in the ful bodied Ultra Pure White. Catalina Coast is also a clear , non-dull color with none of the organic colorants that would impart better coverage.This is why you are having poor coverage.


As I stated above, this formula shot into a Glidden product would have exhibited the same less than ideal coverage. Afterall, our tint machines are dispensing the same colorants into all the brands Home Depot sells. Both Glidden and Behr "deep bases" have absolutely no colorant in them. If the untinted whitish contents are dried, the resin turns clear!


Home Depot is sorry for for your experience, but be assured, this is a problem inherent in the paint industry and the nature of colorants, and not unique to Behr.

Posted 2013-11-04T00:44:00+0000  by ordjen
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