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Behr Pure Black 8620 interior/exterior hi-gloss enamel paint

I'm painting a storefront sign for a friend. So far I have primed and painted 2 coats of the enamel paint on an MDO board. The board is in my house which has air conditioning. I've waited 1 day between the first and second coat. I've used the recommended high quality nap roller. But the results are coming out with blotches. I've called the number on the can and the rep told me to put more coats and to wait 2-3 days in between. It says that it can be re coated in 2 hours on the can. I still have the lettering to paint on top of it and can't stretch this for days. 
So my question is: Can I just apply some kind of high gloss polyurethane over the whole thing after it's done that will give it the high gloss that my friend wants for the sign? If so, which kind? Could I use the spray kind such as Rustoleum or Krylon?
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Posted 2017-11-14T19:35:25+0000  by Rosiebuddy Rosiebuddy
Hello Rosiebuddy.  Welcome to the Community!

In my experience blotching either comes from the paint being absorbed into wood due to lack of primer or from overworking the paint as it is rolled on.  Since you have used primer to seal the wood then the latter would be my best guess on what is wrong.

This paint actually dries fairly quickly, and a smooth application using just a few roller strokes in each area should give an even and high gloss finish.  Try one last coat using less roller pressure and move across the board more often rather than rolling over the same area many times.


Posted 2017-11-17T15:19:34+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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