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Behr Venetian Plaster cracks in second coat?

Using VP for the first time in a guest bathroom rarely used.  First coat was pretty thin and didn't crack, but thicker second coat has several cracks.  Is this a normal thing to leave as is before I sand and burnish, or should I try to "fix" the cracks first and if so - how?  Also, I'm confused about some of the posts.  If I use a top coat is it going to undo what my sanding and burnishing accomplishes in color variation?  And lastly, do I SAND AND BURNISH with a trowel - or just do the burnish with trowel only?  THANK YOU! 

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Posted 2013-08-08T14:45:41+0000  by JasNTam JasNTam

Hi JasNTam:smileyhappy:


Sorry for the delay on getting an answer to your question.


BEHR Premium Plus 1-gal. Flat Venetian Plaster


As far as the BEHR Venetion Plaster goes - sanding will bring out that additional color variation and burnishing (with a metal trowel) adds that shine to the surface.  The top coat is a protective coat that will not change the color but may reduce the shine down to a satin finish.  Most burnishing sheens will be only a satin finish at best.


I have found that sometimes I skip the burnishing step and just go straight to the top coat step.

Posted 2013-08-11T13:54:18+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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