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Behr paint color from recent commercial

Hi. There is a commercial running now and I would like to know the color of the paint - it's sort of an aqua color. In the commercial, a couple paints their bedroom walls and ceiling the aqua color and paints their built in book shelves a dark purple. What is the aqua color? Thanks.
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Posted 2013-03-30T00:57:51+0000  by Paintquestion Paintquestion

Hi - thanks for stopping by the community!:smileyvery-happy:


The color on the ceiling is called Island Oasis by BEHR.


                      1-Gal. Home Decorators Collection Island Oasis Flat Interior Paint



The wall color is called Tropical Sea - also by BEHR.


  BEHR Premium Plus Ultra 1-Gal. Home Decorators Collection Tropical Sea Eggshell Enamel Interior Paint


Because the color is so deep and rich - I would recommend our BEHR ULTRA (paint & primer in one) for best coverage.



Posted 2013-03-31T14:45:58+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL

Is this the commercial where they paint the ceiling and it looks like there is white wood on the ceiling in a grid like pattern?  I want to do that to my ceiling.  How was it done?

Posted 2013-05-23T19:08:25+0000  by sonja1017


Welcome to our community!  


This project is beautiful, but it does take some time and an extra set of hands. For this how-to, I’m going to pretend I’m working in a 10’ x 10’ room and that the moulding we are using is 1.25” wide.  In the commercial, there were 6 squares across.


You will have to make some calculations to your own room, if it is not 10’ x 10’.  If it is, I will do the calculations for you. :smileyhappy:


Determine the width of the room in inches. In our case, that would be 120”.


Next, we need to decide how much space on the ceiling the moulding is going to take up. Since we are using 6 pieces at 1.25” wide, we will multiply 6 by 1.25 and that will equal  7.5”.


Now, subtract 120 from 7.5, which equals  112.5.


Then, divide 112.5 by 6. That equals 18.75”. That is how far apart each piece of moulding will be from each other and each wall.


Phew! :smileysurprised: I hope that all made sense.  Once you have figured all this out, cut your moulding to 10 feet. To adhere it to the ceiling, I would recommend using construction glue and paneling nails. You will want someone to hold the moulding in place while you hammer.


Once all of those pieces are up, it’s time to put up your cross pieces.  Cut these pieces to 18.75 inches. These should fit snuggly between the moulding that is already on the ceiling. These small pieces should be 18.75 inches from each other as well.


If you have any more questions about this project and any other project, please let us know!



Posted 2013-05-28T21:17:32+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL
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