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Behr paint coverage problem

My wife & I purchased a gallon of Behr Ultra Premium Plus interior satin paint in "Silver Leaf" (white) for a stairway & landing repaint project.  We were painting over a latex paint (also white) that was approximately 20-years old.  There were a lot of nail 'pops', which were re-seated, spackled, sanded, wet-sponged to feather the edges and finally brush painted to seal before painting. 


The walls were then painted and, after it had dryed, we were disappointed to notice blotches where the repairs had been done.  A 2nd coat was applied which helped a bit, but the bloches were still evident.  After the 2nd coat, we were out of paint (never had to use that much paaint on a similar project before) and returned to Home Depot to buy a 2nd one.   A 3rd coat was subsequently applied, with the blotches a bit better, but still quite visable.


We contacted Behr and talked with a Rep. who confirmed we were doing everything correctly and offered to return our  $$ on the first gallon.  That was great customer service, but the point is, we should not have had this problem and needed to repaint several times with such an expensive paint, in our opinion.  We've been painting for 40+ years and have never had this happen before.


Has anyone else experienced similar problems with Berh Ultra Plus ? 

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Posted 2011-03-01T16:55:56+0000  by mrplates mrplates

We just painted the laundry room with Behr and experienced coverage problems. Glad I looked at this site. Don't know what we will do.....afraid to paint over it, after reading the above posts.  Had also picked out shades for the rest of the house, but now will probably change paint brands

Posted 2011-10-16T14:57:18+0000  by kp

Hi there.  I'm sorry to hear about the paint issues your having.  Let me know if there is anything that I can do to help.




Posted 2011-10-16T19:26:04+0000  by THDCustomerCare



I have had a HUGE issue with a large quantity of BEHR paint plus Primer. I am opening a new store, and chose to use BEHR paint since I was told by HOme Depot that it was my best choice if I wanted the project to look good and be simple, with the least amount of coats. I used 6 BEHR paint colors is a wide variety of shades/tones - in different areas of the store ( all of which had two coats of tinted primer applied to it, so my painting surface was ideal) . We used the best rollers we could buy ( also told this was what we should get by a home depot rep) - had a painter apply the paint

( he has been doing it for 40 years) - and we still had to use 3 coats of paint on 3 of the colors and 4 coats on the other 3 colors. Now, due to the number of coats, the paint is denting, peeling, scratching etc even though it has had 3 weeks to dry. I open my store in a week, and I am truly scared to see how this paint will hold up. I spent nearly 1,000$ on Behr paint alone for this project. I painted 1 area of the store with LUCITE paint from Menards ( which was 20$ less a gallon) and this paint covered in 2 coats, looks better than any other part of the store, and is not scratching, denting, peeling etc like the BEHR paint. To say I am disappointed is a HUGE understatement. I fear I will be having issues and expenses due to this paint for many years to come. To repaint the store is not an option, as I have spent a fortune on flooring now, have a full inventory and am about to open my doors for business. My question is, where do I go, or who do I call at BEHR or homedepot to address this issue and work towards a refund  as this paint does not merrit the 32$ a gallon price tag nor the industry wide "respect" that the BEHR name has. If I could start over, I would have used all LUCITE paint. I am a HUGE fan of Home Depot - but this ordeal has me thinking that Lowes and Menards will be getting my business. WE have spent over 15K at Home Depot in the past 2 months for supplies, materials etc - 


Please let me know where I can begin my journey, as I will not stop until something is done. 


Thank you - 



Posted 2012-04-05T16:11:21+0000  by OurWalkInCloset

Hi, Nicole.

I am very sorry for the issues with the paint. We can definitely look into this and see how we can help resolve the issues.

Please email me your contact info & store used so I can reach out to the store for resolution.

Thank you very much.

- Nicki (

Posted 2012-04-05T16:23:42+0000  by THDCustomerCare

Several yeas ago I had my 2 shops painted with Behr Premium Exterior Paint. We painted over old paint as well as new pre-primed new boards that were replaced prior to painting. The match was good when the project was completed. The paint has changed colors over the existing paint as well as the new primed boards. It has gone from beige to a rose color and looks terrible. I gave photo's to Home Depot. Behr contacted me and told me they would supply new paint at no charge. In other words I get free paint but will need to pay the painter $1,000.00 to fix their mess. No thanks! If I half to pay for the labor I plan to use a good quality paint for a company that stands behind their product.  

Posted 2012-04-05T19:35:19+0000  by dmercier

I had the problem with Behr paint lately. Last time I painted few years ago and the coverage was great.

I was very dissapointed with the latest quality of Behr paint and when I called the customer service I was told I have to lightly sand the entire wall surfacesin order to have satisfactory results., and was told that the instructions were on the can to that effect. I had been using Behr paint for 25 years and never had such problems before.

No reimbursment was offered and the customer service rep was not a very pleasant at all. 

Posted 2012-04-05T23:52:38+0000  by brassia

We bought 5 cans of Behr Premium paint with primer.  I chose Behr paint believing it was a superior product and would provide even coverage, especially with the primer. I asked the Home Depot associate if we would need primer before painting over white walls.  She assured me the Behr paint was all we would need.  I wish I had read the other postings in this forum and gone to Lowe's or Wal-Mart for my paint.  We scrubbed the walls before using the paint.  The paint is blotchy and uneven.  We used 3 of the four colors we purchased and none of them have provided even coverage.  All the walls are streaky and the paint color is uneven.  Yes, we shook and stirred the paint before painting and used two of the paint colors within 48 hours of purchase.  I will never buy this brand of paint again and am now planning a trip to Wal-mart to look at their colors and a trip to Lowe's for wood stain.


Posted 2012-06-12T01:25:41+0000  by DebAM3
Yes... I'm on my third wall and 3rd gallon of Behr Ultra Premium Plus...different colors on each wall. Trying to cover a spray on semigloss paint used by previous owner. I am DIY and have painted every home we've owned. This is the first time I've encountered blotches like this. First wall took 3 coats before it was remotely acceptable. Gallery wall so reflective light is at a minimum. Second wall was fireplace wall so I brushed that one rather than rolled, 2coats, didn't help...rolled a third coat helped but I can still see a couple places that need help. The third wall has two coats, more splotches. At this point I'm sorry I didn't go back to Ralph Lauren online. Twice the price, but the textured paint I used in Tucson house was exceptional. Coverage was fantastic, washable, no fading, wore like iron. Paint was 10 years old when we sold and it looked like new. I'm committed to Behr product now, but I'm extremely disappointed.
Posted 2013-01-16T18:01:46+0000  by GailAnn




Before hazarding a guess as to the nature of the problem, I would be interested in the names of the colors you chose, in particular, is there a daggar symbol behind the name on the Behr  color card?  I also would like to know the colors which were being covered. Were they white or very light?


One can expect more difficulty in covering glossy finishes. Why? Glossy finishes are very well sealed and therefore literally suck in less paint and pigment. Also, being slick, it is much easier to leave brush marks and roller "skid marks". Conversely, flat walls cover better, although they often dry streaky unless primed first.

Posted 2013-01-17T04:43:30+0000  by ordjen

We bought two gallons of Behr Ultra Premimum Plus to paint my daughters room and are having a huge problem with the trim.  All the corners, by the floor boards, along the ceiling and around all the outlets are all a very noticeable darker color than the walls.  This is the first time I have used Behr and it will be the last.  Does Hope Depot refund or offer replacement gallons of a different paint to fix this issues the Behr paint causes?





Posted 2013-04-08T16:46:09+0000  by TomC.ax733
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