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Behr paint coverage problem

My wife & I purchased a gallon of Behr Ultra Premium Plus interior satin paint in "Silver Leaf" (white) for a stairway & landing repaint project.  We were painting over a latex paint (also white) that was approximately 20-years old.  There were a lot of nail 'pops', which were re-seated, spackled, sanded, wet-sponged to feather the edges and finally brush painted to seal before painting. 


The walls were then painted and, after it had dryed, we were disappointed to notice blotches where the repairs had been done.  A 2nd coat was applied which helped a bit, but the bloches were still evident.  After the 2nd coat, we were out of paint (never had to use that much paaint on a similar project before) and returned to Home Depot to buy a 2nd one.   A 3rd coat was subsequently applied, with the blotches a bit better, but still quite visable.


We contacted Behr and talked with a Rep. who confirmed we were doing everything correctly and offered to return our  $$ on the first gallon.  That was great customer service, but the point is, we should not have had this problem and needed to repaint several times with such an expensive paint, in our opinion.  We've been painting for 40+ years and have never had this happen before.


Has anyone else experienced similar problems with Berh Ultra Plus ? 

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Posted 2011-03-01T16:55:56+0000  by mrplates mrplates




Let me go out on a limb and make a great assumption: You had light colored walls. You chose a strong new color, very possibly mixed in a "deep base". You then proceded to go around the room "cutting in" all the edges first. You then rolled all the walls, overlapping the cut in areas, thus double coating all the edges.


Don't feel alone, I see this type of procedure all the time on nationally televised homeowners programs such as HGTV broadcasts. THIS IS ALWAYS A BAD PROCEDURE!  It often results in darker margins, shinier margins, excessive texture of the paint on the margins,  and even slightly different color on the margins!


The goal in painting is to always maintain a wet edge, never rolling or brushing back into paint which is already dried or already set. The goal is also to apply as even a coat as possible. To this end, both the cutting in and rolling should be done simultaneously when at all possible. Long even strokes are used with each stroke moving back into the last stroke or two, evening out the paint as much as possible. When this is done, the results as enumerated in the previous paragraph will be eliminated or greatly lessened.


May I make one final assumption: perhaps the undesireable results  was poor technique, rather than poor paint!


Just the musings of a 70 year old former painting contractor who has been applying paint  professionally for over 55 years.

Posted 2013-04-13T00:45:53+0000  by ordjen

Yet another Behr coverage problem!  I have exhausted all time, money, professional advice and respect for Behr paint!

I just finished putting on a 3rd coat of Behr Self Priming Medium Base Satin Finish in Brown Tepee and it STILL has shiny spots all over it when looking at it off to the side.  There is no excuse for this, I have done every single thing that can be done to avoid this, so in my opinion it has to be the over priced, super thick paint that is the problem.  Now that I have almost 3 gallons of this stuff in 1 living room I have to figure out what my next course of action is because it sure won't be anything to do with buying more Behr paint!

Highly disappointed.



Posted 2013-04-24T22:04:26+0000  by Mochanic

I am having the same problem! Called Behr and they will reimburse me for 2 gallons, great I bought 5 gallons for $157


I went back to HD and they gave me 3 new rollers to try and still having the same problem!! I think it's the paint, not just the painter.

Posted 2013-05-31T14:17:10+0000  by 306
We are painting a bathroom that was originally white with a tan color and I have never seen such uneven coverage. Three coats/4 gal of paint and it still looks like crap. I call Home Depot and they said that they would have someone come out right away to take a look. It's been 2 weeks and I'm still waiting. Called behr and they want me to go buy 4 more gallons of ther crap paint and submitt the receipts. They lady at behr said that all behr paint is 2 coat paint even the kind with the primer in it. Why would anyone buy 37.00 paint with primer if they new you had to use to coats on walls that already have 2 coats on them. Any suggestions on a brand of paint because I have bought my last gallon of behr ever.
Posted 2013-07-18T00:11:26+0000  by Terrilynn
Never too late...I have worked side by side, stilt by stilt with my boyfriend for over 15 yrs. We specialize in repairs of this nature. You never sealed it. You kind of primed all the new stuff before painting it, but all loose should have been scraped out, THEN a sealer or bonding agent applied to make sure the new tape, mud and texture will adhere to it. Then prime and paint. I can't tell you how happy it makes us that this crucial step is missed or skipped by so called pros, it keeps us working!! :) So, it was not the paint. Any brand would have done it. Start over, to do it right.
As for Behr, we have been loyal customers for many years, but we just can't handle their new chemicals. Even after a few days my clients are still coughing also. Next job, no more Behr.
Posted 2013-08-11T14:28:44+0000  by girlscan2




 What exactly is your complaint? The number of gallons neccessary to cover 1124 sf ? What was the total number of gallons for how many coats? What was the color being painted over and what exactly was the color being applied? How "dry" were the walls?


There are many variables in how well a paint covers and how many coats will be neccessary. Without complete and accurate information no one, including a paint associate at HD, can give an you any more than a ballpark figure.


To quote a biblical phrase, "light a candle rather than curse the darkness!"

Posted 2013-08-11T18:17:11+0000  by ordjen
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