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Beneficial Insects & Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Ants and Other Insects Around your House


There have been a number of natural substances that have been used successfully over the years to keep ants at bay and keep them out of your home.  These items have included such simple things as:


1.    Lemon Juice


2.    Cinnamon 

3.    Cinnamon Oil


4.    Peppermint Oil


5.    Borax, sugar and water


6.    Boric acid


7.    Mint oil and Dish Soap


8.    Boiling Water and Dish Soap


9.    Diatomaceous earth – Food Grade (not pool diatomaceous earth) use dry not wet


10. Chalk 


11. Baking soda and powdered sugar


12. Cornmeal


13. Cream of Wheat 


14. Vinegar 


15. Equal packets with apple juice (It is a neurotoxin to the ants)



Many of these substances and combinations of these substances have been used in the past by our parents, grandparents and their parents with moderate to great success before many of the currently used chemicals were developed.


The more of the natural remedies we can use, the healthier our home environment, indoors and outdoors can be. There are many other insects that can be controlled using natural substances which can help to preserve other natural predators such as:




Lady Bugs

Green Lacewings

Assassin Bugs

Praying Mantis

Minute Pirate Bugs

Ground Beetles

Syrphid Flies

Predatory Stink Bugs

Big-Eyed Bugs

Damsel Bugs

Love Bugs








A healthy yard does not need to be sprayed with pesticides regularly but rather a healthy management of the usage of these chemicals used at their minimum can yield effective results without killing every living and crawling thing in your back yard.  


Employing the use of alternative treatments will be healthier for the insects as well as your children, yourself and your pets.  


The chemicals we use to spray our home and yards with can be toxic to our pets and children who play in or yards and on the floors of our homes.  The less toxic we can make our environment, the healthier we will all will be, including our beneficial  insects. 


As the drought in on the West Coast continues, the influx of insects invading our homes and yards has been increasing as has been evident by the increased sales in traditional modern day pesticides. 


Commercial pesticides used in moderation and used in a targeted method can be very effective.  Broad scale use of these pesticides although effective initially, can lose their effectiveness over time.  The combination of natural methods couple with modern methods can be safer and just as effective.


During the hot and dry weather conditions occurring on the West Coast, many customers have asked how to deal with the large influx of the Argentine Ants also known as sugar ants.  Having these ants in and around your house is not such a bad thing actually.


The Argentine ants are constantly on the prowl for food whether it is in your kitchen, in your dog’s kibble, the crumbs left under your couch or the rafter in your attic where the termites live. The small but fierce Argentine Ants will crawl into the holes left by the termites and kill as well as capture the termites in their own home. 


As long as I can keep the ants out of my kitchen and out of the rest of the interior of my house, I am a happy camper. 


What has been your experience in dealing with our pesky home invaders?  Be sure to share them with us and include your pictures too.



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Posted 2015-08-18T22:38:56+0000  by Rick_HD_OC Rick_HD_OC
Hello Rick, so I can actually put down 1,2, 3 or even more of those natural remedies on my grass in the backyard to get rid of the ants and it will not destroy my grass.
Posted 2016-06-29T22:55:00+0000  by COOLREY12
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