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Benefits of Starter Fertilizer






Lawns have specific and varied nutrition requirements. These needs change throughout the year because of weather changes and the development of the grass plant.


Vigoro 5,000 sq. ft. Starter Fertilizer    Scotts 15 lb. 5,000 sq. ft. Turf Builder Starter Brand Fertilizer Greenview 16 lb. Starter Fertilizer


Nitrogen is utilized by the grass to produce the chlorophyll needed for new leaf growth after mowing. 



Phosphorus helps newly germinating grass develop stronger roots.


Potassium contributes to the overall vitality of the grass, helping to encourage vigorous growth and aids in disease resistance.


The percentage of phosphorus is higher in Starter Fertilizer, since it is intended to be utilized at the time of germination. Add Starter Fertilizer when you apply seed, or when you lay sod, so that the roots will benefit from it.




Phosphorus and potassium will remain present in the soil for up to a year after application. There is no need to follow up with massive doses of either nutrient after the initial application.


Nitrogen is actively used up by the grass to regrow and to produce chlorophyll that was lost through the mowing process. This is why maintenance fertilizers are higher in nitrogen than the other nutrients.


Vigoro 5,000 sq. ft. Lawn Fertilizer  Scotts Turf Builder 14.06 lb 5,000 sq. ft. Southern Lawn Fertilizer



Nitrogen is also water soluble and can be leached out of the soil if it is not utilized by the grass. Slowly released nitrogen will last about three months in most conditions, so seasonal applications of lawn food will be necessary every 12 weeks to prevent stress. Organic fertilizers need 8 week applications, and liquid lawn food lasts about 4 weeks.


detail image Purely Organic Products 25 lb. Lawn Food Fertilizer DR. EARTH 18 lb. 2000 sq. ft. Super Natural Lawn Fertilizer  Vigoro 32 oz. Liquid Ready-to-Spray Lawn Fertilizer



Apply Starter Fertilizer to a new lawn, or when you add seed to an existing lawn. Follow up with lawn food that is high in nitrogen to continue the growth and development. Add less nitrogen during hot weather and during dormant months.


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