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Benefits of Topdressing Your Lawn


A good topper in my opinion is one that would be weed and pest free.  Steer manure is not a good topper for your lawn because of the large amount of weed seeds it contains. Although it is effective in greening up your lawn as well as being inexpensive, at first, the additional weeds that will be added make it undesirable. 


You can use a good topper or even a good garden soil to add light nutrients to your lawn without the danger of burning your lawn providing you do not get carried away and add several inches over your lawn.  About an 1/8 to no more than 1/4 inch of a good quality topper will do the job.


Since Topper has different vendors across the US, I would suggest contacting the local Home Depot Nursery Consultant for suggestions.  Out here on the West Coast, we have a number of different products that are available such as:


Scotts Lawn Soil, EcoScraps, Dr. Earth and Kellogg Topper.  




If you rent a Compost Spreader from your local Home Depot Tool Rental, your task of spreading the topper over your lawn will be a lot easier and much faster than spreading it by hand.




Once you have applied the topper, you can simply water it in.  In a few days, you will start to notice a nice even greening effect in your lawn.  Using this method will also help to add a water saving base just above the roots of your grass.  Unlike using your grass cuttings to mulch your lawn, the topper is ready to go the minute you put it on.


Try this method out the next time you think of adding a chemical fertilizer to your lawn.  No potentially harmful chemicals using this method either!


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