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Bermuda and Zoysia Lawn Care Made Simple

My lawn is Bermuda, so I never consider over seeding it. Therefore, seasonal applications of pre emergent will  prevent  weed seeds from invading all year long.


Lesco uses Dithiopyr in the 19-0-7 fertilizer with Pre-M. Two applications during the growing season feeds and protects the bermuda from weeds. April and July are the best months for these applications, here in Atlanta. If this product is not available in your local Home Depot, Vigoro Crabgrass Preventer and Lawn Fertilizer utilizes the same pre-emergent, Dithiopyr.

 LESCO 50 lb. 19-0-7 Dimension Crabgrass Preventer   Vigoro 15.78 lb. 5M Crabgrass Preventer and Lawn Fertilizer

Lesco 0-0-7 uses Pendimethalin to prevent winter weeds, without adding unnecessary nitrogen for the dormant season. I apply 0-0-7 in October and again in January on my bermuda grass. If Lesco is not available in your area, Scott's Halts also uses Pendimethalin as the pre-emergent.

 LESCO 50 lb. Crabgrass Control 0-0-7  Scotts Halts 11 lb. Crabgrass and Grassy Weed Preventer

This system of lawn care has served me well by simplifying my lawn schedule while remaining within the Environmental Protection Agency's recommended guideline of applying no more than two applications of any particular herbicide per year to your lawn.


To sum it up, here is my schedule for lawns in the south that never require you to add any seed:


19-0-7 Lesco or Vigoro Crabgrass Preventer with Fertilizer in April and again in July.


0-0-7 Lesco or Scott's Halts in October and January.

Mow your lawn every week and make sure that it receives the proper amount of water.

You will have a lawn that will your neighbors will envy!

Until next time, I'll see you in the aisles!


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Posted 2017-07-25T19:06:03+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL Travis_HD_ATL