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Bermuda lawn care guidance

Hello Experts,


I have recently bought a house and have bermuda grass in Lawn. Total lawn size is approximately 4500 SF. 


I really don't have enough knowledge on how to take care of my lawn, I am using mowing and weed treatment but not satisfied with it.


I have also read some documents but not getting fair idea and bit scared if something goes wrong If I do it my own.


Can someone please assist me what needs to be done and how often, how much fertilize I use it and also need to use any pest control ?


Thanks in advance!!



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Posted 2013-04-28T19:30:02+0000  by Hardi Hardi

Hey Hardi.


This is Ingar from Atlanta. I also have Bermuda grass and I made this lawn schedule for people just like us.


These fertilizers come in 5000 square foot bags and are slow release. You are not going to mess it up. Just stick to the schedule and you will be fine.


Hit me back with any questions.

Posted 2013-04-28T21:27:09+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL

Hi Ingar,


Many thanks for your prompt response, much appreciated!!


How many time I should apply fertilizer  Scotts Turf Builder +2 Weed and Feed between April and June.


The measurement I see on bag is 28-0-3, so how many pounds I need per 1000 SF?


And one more thing you mentioned 'slow release' what does it mean?


I have never touched my lawn before and attempting first time so I may be asking very basic question.



Thanks in advance!!



Posted 2013-04-28T21:40:32+0000  by Hardi

I live in North Carolina.

Posted 2013-04-28T21:41:17+0000  by Hardi

Zip code: 27560.


I was also told by the person who used to come for weed treatment in my lawn that they use Bug B Gon along with fertilizer, Do I need to use Bug B Gon?



Posted 2013-04-28T22:20:42+0000  by Hardi

Hi Ingar,


Just chekcing if you were able to get moreinformation on this.



Posted 2013-05-01T22:34:42+0000  by Hardi

Hey Hardi.


Sorry for the delay, I work on the community on Thursdays and Sundays and in the stores the other days.


If applied properly then you should only have to put down the Scotts Turf Builder +2 one time. You will then use the Turf builder afterwards. It would not hurt to put down the Bug B gon at the same time. I put down my Bug B Gon and TB+2 the day before I went on vacation, just to come back to a lawn with no weeds that needed cutting.


You can put them down at the same time, just do the TB+2 last, so you don't knock the weed killer off of the weed. Bug B Gon will kill the grub worms that eat the roots of your grass, that also turn into Japanese Beetles, that Moles also come into your yard to eat. So it is a good idea.


Some fertilizers like the 10-10-10 that we sell is a fast release fertilizer meaning that you throw it out, it gets wet, and it feeds and is done. Same with water solubles like Miracle Gro. Slow release fertilizers have a protective coating that will only release a small amount of fertilizer each time it gets wet. It is great so you don't have to feed your lawn every 2 weeks and it also makes it much harder to screw up the lawn by putting down too much fertilizer.

Posted 2013-05-02T13:07:20+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL

Thanks, Ingar.


Could you please check below schedule and let me know if its ok or need to change anything.


May first week:


Example - Saturday Iput Bug B gone

                   Sunday - I Put TB+2 (yard size is 4700SF so I think one bag would be enough) - only once.


June last week:


I put Turf builder summerguard (only once)


September first week:


I put Scotts winterizer 


October first week:


Scott halts


Would this be enough for my bermuda grass this year or need to add something else?


Thanks for your help!!




Posted 2013-05-02T21:18:20+0000  by Hardi

Hey Ingar,


If you have moment, can you please take a look at my previous email and advise. My lawn is almost ready for next mowing so wanted to take an action before It. 




Posted 2013-05-04T16:40:45+0000  by Hardi

Hey Hardi.


Your schedule looks perfect. This should do the job for you and it will give you a beautiful lawn.


Here in Atlanta, there is one other thing we must do to our lawns because we have very acidic, clay soil. Pelletized lime in the fall and spring are a must. Bermuda prefers a more neutral pH soil. When soil is too acidic, your grass can not absorb available nutrients efficiently. Pelletized lime will help your grass utilize this fertilizer.


Talk to the pro at your Home Depot and he will tell you if lime is necessary in your area.


Thanks. Hit me up here if there is anything else that you might need.

Posted 2013-05-05T11:55:40+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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