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Best Concrete for Homemade Pavers

I want to make my own paving stones for the backyard. The will be rectangular in shape, about 10" by 30". I feel good about creating the frames with wood and the rest of that process. However, I'm unsure about what type of concrete to use. Can I get away with just the cheap Quickcrete or do I need something fancier? There are a lot of options out there. 

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Posted 2012-02-29T19:57:37+0000  by Odjur Odjur

Hey Odjur.


You will need to use the regular Quikrete concrete mix for this project. It has aggregate in it which will give it the strength it needs. You will just need to smooth it with a paddle and let it set a little bit if you are going to carve any patterns into it.



For added strength you can use the Quikrete 5000. It has a strength rating of 5000 psi versus the regular Quikrete having a strength rating of 4000 psi. Both of these products are plenty strong enough for this project but the 5000 also has a quicker set time.



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Posted 2012-03-01T15:18:28+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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