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Best Range Hood For Your Kitchen

In pioneer days food had to be cooked over an open hearth fireplace, their wooden cabins filled with smoke and the heavy pots made cooking a real chore. Kitchens today have modern conveniences the pioneers could only dream of. These conveniences include an exhaust fan or range hood to carry away the cooking odors and smoke.

There are numerous types and styles of range hoods available, let’s take a look at what’s best for your kitchen.


Conventional Range Hoods: 


The majority of homes built since 1945, have an under the cabinet range hood. These are mounted to the cabinet above the range or cook top. These are still the most common type of range hood and are available in 30 or 36 inch widths. Several finishes are available including white, black, slate and stainless steel. They offer single or multiple lights and an exhaust fan with two to four speeds.

Most models offer convertible venting which offers the option of venting the exhaust air to the outside or back into the room.


Wall Mounted Range Hoods:


As the name implies wall mounted range hoods are attached to the wall above the range or cook top. Like conventional hoods they are available in several colors and configurations. Some newer models offer a glass hood instead of the usual metal hood. A metal chimney conceals the exhaust piping.


Island or Ceiling Mounted Range Hoods:


Ceiling mounted or Island hoods hang from the ceiling above the cooking surface. They use a sheet metal duct to conceal the hoods exhaust piping. Most Island or ceiling mounted hoods offer multiple lights and fan speeds, some even have a clock. They are available is several shapes including square, oval and round units.


Counter Top Down Draft Exhaust Fans:

Down Draft units sit behind the cook top and raise up when started to remove the cooking odors and smoke, when shut off, they retract back down to counter top level to conceal the unit and prevent damage. These units require duct work which must be routed to the outside of the home. Counter top units are usually installed in upper scale kitchens where the appearance of a range hood is not desirable.

Built in or Concealed Range Hoods:


Built in hoods are concealed in the cabinetry above the cook top or range. These units are completely concealed and offer the function of a regular range hood without the unsightly appearance. These are usually upscale units with high powered fans and stainless steel vent screens.



Professional Style Hoods:


Some consumers prefer the look of a professional kitchen, brands such as Kitchen Aid, Viking,GE Monogram, Jen Air, Wolf and others offer professional style ranges and hoods. These are usually in the 36, 48, or 60 inch sizes for larger kitchens in upscale homes.

So which style is best for your kitchen? Unless you are doing a complete remodel you will have only a few options on range hoods. When replacing the current unit, the cabinet configuration will dictate the type required. If you are remodeling then you have many more choices, talk to your kitchen designer for the available options.

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Here’s a few tips on getting the best model for your home:


1. Consider the finish, if all of your cabinets are white, then a stainless or white range hoods works best. If you are considering changes the color of the cabinets or appliances, buy a model to match the new units. Stainless steel goes with most cabinets and appliances.


2. Consider the configuration, some units only have a small filter covering the motor with the remaining area under the hood exposed. More expensive units offer full width filter screens which hide the mechanical components and offer a neater more finished appearance.




3. Look for units that are quiet, most manufacturers offer sound ratings on the product packaging, check out the hoods sound level before buying. These rating are in sones, the higher the sone level the louder the unit will be.



4. Lighting, all models offer a light, some offer two or more consider what style lighting works best for you. More expensive models offer led or halogen lights that are dimmable.



5. Consider price and installation options, the Home Depot offers installation services on all the products we sell. See the kitchen and bath associates at your local Home Depot store for more information, or call our Home Services Division at 855-752-3352.


Mike, The Home Depot Answer Man

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