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Best Wall Anchors work for old NYC plaster walls?

I'm trying to install curtain rods in my NYC brownstone apt.  Screws just sit loose in the plaster, plastic wall anchors just create larger holes.  Plaster wall anchors with the "t" mechanism look as if they will just create larger holes in my walls.  


Q1: Can you use metal wall anchors (the kind with screw threads on the outside) - or what's the best recommended use?


Q2: If I have created a hole in the wall - will filling it with plaster and re-drilling in the same spot work?  What else can I use to shore up the stability of the wall area where I'm drilling without altering how it looks cosmetically?




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Posted 2012-09-10T15:23:25+0000  by AnnInNyc AnnInNyc

Hi AnnInNyc, welcome and we’re glad to see you back. Working with plaster walls doesn’t have to be a problem. You need to be a little more careful, but with the right anchor you can get the job done without unsightly damage.


It sounds as though you have already made a hole in the plaster where you want to hang your curtains. Your walls are probably between ¾-1 ½ inches thick depending on when the building was built.


One of my favorite anchors to use is a toggle bolt. A very small toggle bolt such as a 1/8 inch size holds up to 150 pounds and can hold more depending on the wall material. These are easy to install in a very short time, and skill level is minimal.


The hole size for an 1/8 inch toggle bolt is 3/8 inch. This would also be the size drill bit you would use. The bracket for the curtains should hide the hole, thus not changing the cosmetics of the area.


You really can’t replace the plaster and re-drill that spot and get the same holding power. If the hole you have now is big, use the toggle bolt, and if the curtain bracket doesn’t cover the entire hole, use spackle in any open area and paint to match the wall.


Posted 2012-09-10T18:42:32+0000  by Ken_HD_OC
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