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Best flooring for my three season room

I have an elevated three season room (unheated) with sliding glass doors on three sides and marine grade plywood subfloor.  What is the best flooring option to handle both winter and summer temperatures in the Northeast?
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Posted 2016-07-18T22:46:48+0000  by OhJoy OhJoy

Howdy OhJoy,

There are numerous options for flooring. While some are easier to install than others, you might be surprised on how many types there are. Let's take a look;

1.  Concrete

There is a reason why concrete floors are a trendy staple of restaurants and pubs:  durability.  But it is doubtful that you want concrete in your house.

2. Natural Stone

If stone weathered well in the mountains for thousands of years, it can weather your kitchen or bathroom.

3.  Bamboo

This grass, incredibly difficult to remove from your yard, begins to look surprisingly attractive when turned into flooring.

4.  Resilient Flooring

Resilient flooring may be a term invented by flooring companies to market their product.  But the term describes the product well.

5.  Ceramic/Porcelain

Durable in some ways, but categorically not in other ways tile wins out over other types of flooring because of its appearance.

6.  Laminate Flooring

Surprisingly scratch-resistant, laminate flooring's does not do will with moisture so makes this a less durable floor covering than other types.

7.  Solid Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood's saving grace is that it can be restored to perfect condition.

8.  Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring lasts as long as its thin veneer top lasts.

The best plan of action would be to stop in your local Home Depot and get even more advice on more options.

Happy Flooring,

Coach Dave

Posted 2016-07-19T00:35:18+0000  by Dave_HD_OC

Hello OhJoy and welcome to the Community.


You actually have several appropriate options of flooring that could be used in your region.

A very durable and more traditions flooring would be to use a porcelain, ceramic or slate tile. You will have a hugh variety of color, size and patterns to choose from.  The proper installation would be to use ¼ cement board underneath.  Your sub-floor would have to be relatively level, or made so and not experience flexing. You have great variety of colors and patterns to choose from. The larger the tile the more sensitive to flexing.

The following types of flooring are much easier to install and are not affected by the possible flexing or leveling issues.

1)Textured Roll polyvinyl flooring,


in 10’ widths by whatever lengths you need up to 44 feet. It can be installed with or without adhesive, over wood or cement. Easy to clean and maintain. It will stand up to heavy traffic. Tough enough to be used in the garage, attractive enough to be used everywhere; basements, laundry rooms, decks, trailers, vehicles, boats, schools, stores, workshops, warehouses, exercise rooms; offices and equipment rooms, anywhere you need attractive high quality flooring that protects.

Also available in natural cork plank.

2)Indoor/Outdoor Carpeting.  Available in peal and stick 18”x18” tiles or 6’ wide by whatever lengths you need. Your local store may even have 12’ wide carpet in stock. Comes in a variety of colors

Resistant to staining and UV damage, the Elevations Carpet is a great fit for either indoor or outdoor spaces. It is constructed of a PET fiber made with up to 100% recycled post-consumer purified plastic bottles and offers superior wear and fade resilience, even in direct sunlight. Easily cut and install with no unraveling.


3) Vifah 12” Diagonal Slat Style Hardwood Deck Tiles.


Quickly build any unique outdoor living space by simply snapping the deck tiles together without using nails, glue or a hammer. Wood slats permit water to flow through, plastic feet elevate for drying airflow. Pre-treated, expertly kiln-dried, extremely durable eucalyptus, mold, mildew, fungi, termites, rot and decay resistant.


4) Similar to Vifah tiles are the NewTechWood snap together tiles composite tiles. Made from high grade recycled materials: plastic and wood.  Also available in several colors. These can easily be removed.


If you would like to share how you use this room I may be able to suggest more options.

Thanks for your inquiry.



Posted 2016-07-19T17:11:12+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
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