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Best mildew resistant paint

I've been reading a lot of contradicting info about oil based versus water based paints. I am wondering which one is better for previous mildew issues in a bathroom. I've read that oil based paints are good because they are durable, more likely to repel water, however, mold is more likely because it can feed off of the natural oil compounds. I've also read that latex water based paints are recommended more. I've also read about "Bath Paints" water based paints and not sure the difference. They only thing agreed upon so far is that satin or semi-gloss finishes are best. I know primers also play into this - but just to start which is better?

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Posted 2015-12-24T05:22:13+0000  by Hallz Hallz
The first line of defense against mold in a bathroom is a properly sized exhaust fan that vents to the outside.  It's a good idea to put it on a timer so that it runs 15-20 minutes after bathing.

As for paint, I've had good luck with Zinsser's Perma-White, at least on the ceiling. 

Posted 2015-12-24T10:21:07+0000  by Adam444

Several years ago, Behr introduced its "Kitchen and Bath" paint, which exhibited extremely good resistance to mold and mildew due to its Nano technology. The K and B paint was actually the prototype of the Ultra line of paint to come. When the Ultra was introduced, the K and B became kind of redundant in that all the Ultra paints exhibited its same mildew resistance.  It was subsequently dropped.

Traditionally, a glossy paint was required in baths because of its moisture resistance. The Ultra paint, with its Nano technology, is so dense that even lower sheens, such as an eggshell, may be used in high humidity environs.

Off course, ALL Behr paints also contain an chemical mildecide too.
Posted 2015-12-25T22:41:51+0000  by ordjen
Hi Hallz,

In the grander scheme, it is not so much whether the product is water- or oil-based ... it is the active mildewcide in the product.

When mold or mildew is a concern, your base coat should be Zinsser Mold Killing Primer.

This product is, without a doubt, the best available base when fungus prevention is your goal.

Water clean-up makes it simple to use.

Behr now includes mildewcide in all water-based interior paint (and most exterior) they manufacture.

Click the link below to view a quick-tip video that will help you select sheen.

Watch Our How-To Video

In a nutshell, eggshell and satin are most commonly used on bathroom walls.

However, semi-gloss is often found on walls in commercial buildings as well as schools and other public buildings.


When mildew is a concern, you can always add M-1 Advanced Mildewcide to your paint.

This extremely effective additive can be mixed into almost any coating, including water-based and oil-based paints, stains, and adhesives.

It inhibits mold, mildew, and algae.

This bottle treats one gallon. Containers that treat five-gallons are also available.

Ask your local Paint Associate to add it to your paint.

My knowledgeable paint contractors rarely order paint without this additive.


So Hallz, it isn't so much whether your coating is water- or oil-based.

More simply, it is the active mildew killer in the paint that prevents fungus from starting.

One more reason Behr paints are consistently ranked at the top of the list by consumer testing agencies.
Posted 2015-12-29T14:59:15+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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