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Best paint for trim

We are painting PRIMED interior trim and doors AND exterior PRIMED steel doors. What paint is best

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Posted 2013-08-08T13:13:38+0000  by Pjomin Pjomin




You have two different substrates here which require different treatments. Even though they are "primed", the quality of those primers leave something to be desired.


Pre-primed trim boards:  The primer used on trim lumber is very gray and does not really seal the porous wood well. One finish coat of paint, even quality self-priming paints such as Behr's Ultra , will not look good in only  one finish coat, either from coverage or sheen retention. 


Spraying  the finish coat would give the best looking results. However, trim lumber can be brushed with good results. The secret to brushing is not "overbrushing". You must get the paint on quickly and evenly, giving the paint time to level itself. You will initially see brush marks and be tempted to keep brushing, but this will actually degrade the final results. Acrylic paints are trying to dry and form a film. Excessive brushing hinders its leveling of itself.


Pre-primed metal doors:  "primed" metal doors are the opposite of what you find on wood trim. The metal doors come with a very hard, slick, somewhat high sheen finish. It is highly advisable to re-prime using either an oil primer, or a dedicated acrylic primer such as Glidden's "Gripper". The door should first be given a scuff sanding with 220 grit sandpaper. The primers will then give good adhesion to the door and the finish coat will then adhere to it.  Spray cans of primer would also be acceptable. They give adhesion without excessive paint build up or brush marks.The finish coat can then be either oil or acrylic based.


Hope this has helped.

Posted 2013-08-08T16:15:52+0000  by ordjen
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