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Best tool for arc's?

Hello! Im working on making a few skateboards and need help making the nose. Its a pretty wide arc measuring about 3.5 inches for a radius had it been a circle. I was thinking a dremel, but none of the things I've found so far have the correct attachments. Any help is appreciated!

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Posted 2012-06-09T21:56:58+0000  by Thap Thap

Hi Thap - thanks for joining the community.


The nose of a skate board is always slightly larger than the tail and is really considered to be an elliptical arc. That part is pretty technical and I am assuming you already knew all that and have drawn out the arc.  My preference for cutting the arc would be a router with a round edge blade. This will give the edge a smooth rounded edge and help with its comfort and aerodynamics.


router.jpg rounding bit.jpg

Routers are specific tools that take a little bit of practice before attempting something like an arc. Spend some time getting used to the feel of the tool.  You might even enlist the help of someone with a lot of skill with a router - like a cabinet builder.


Hope this helps,

Posted 2012-06-10T16:04:40+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL

Hi Thap,


Kevin has given you some good advice.


I might suggest drawing out the arc you want on the wood and cutting it proud of the line.


In other words making the rough cut with the router and leaving some material to sand down with a belt or hand sander to create the arc you want.


Good luck with your project!



Posted 2012-06-11T17:57:21+0000  by Mike_HD_OC

The DIYSkate site has some great tutorials on building your deck. As you're probably aware, most decks today are laminates. You'll need to make some sort of mold or press to form the contours of your board from the blanks you cut out. All of this is covered on the DIYSkate site.


Posted 2012-06-12T03:36:29+0000  by Paul
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