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Best way to cut pink insulation foam board?

Just trying to find the best way to cut pink insulation foam board. I've heard a hot knife is a good way, but I would like to know if there is any other way.

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Posted 2014-01-01T22:33:00+0000  by cronus cronus

Hello cronus and welcome to the community.


There are several ways to cut ridged insulation, depending on the thickness.  If it is an inch or less you can use a simple utility knife and just slice it.  I have found with thicker boards you can actually use a circular saw. Here is an installation video from Owen Corning demonstrating how to cut and install, choose Basement without stud walls video.  I would not heat the knife.


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Posted 2014-01-02T14:38:38+0000  by Char_HD_CHI


It cuts like butter with an extremely clean cut when run through a table saw. An electric kitchen knife also works well, especially for curved cuts. Otherwise, a sharp utility knife and a metal straight edge works well.

Posted 2014-01-02T14:41:28+0000  by ordjen
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