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Best way to remove wallpaper

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Posted 2013-05-18T18:36:09+0000  by joeyscog joeyscog

Hello joeyscog,


Thanks for your question and welcome to the community!


We have had this project come up quite a few times already on the community. Luckily, my fellow expert has authored a concise post on how to get wallpaper off your walls.


Click on the wallpaper removal tools below, and it will take you straight to his post.




Let us know if you have any addtional questions regarding removing wallpaper and we can assist  you further.




Posted 2013-05-18T20:50:03+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

I used Behr with primer semi-gloss over  primed walls in a darker color and it looks blotchy and streaky. Now what?

Posted 2013-06-07T15:07:59+0000  by mimco

Hey there mimco,


Let me ask you a few questions before we continue.


  • What color did you use for your paint?
  • How many coats did you do for your wall? If you did more than one, how long did you wait before a re-coat?
  • Was the wall painted before or was it bare?

Let us know, and we can assist you further. It maybe a simple re-coat, but lots of low hide pigments, like red or yellow, would take multiple coats unless you had a darkened undercoat on the wall first.


Keep us updated, and I hope to hear from you soon,


Posted 2013-06-08T21:05:25+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

The color was  venus blue- a medium to dark, blue green. The wall previously had wallpaper and I primed it the day before I painted it using a primer for unpainted drywall, which it was.  I only did one coat so far. I have never used semi-gloss before and I just couldn't understand why the gloss was blotchy -is that the "semi" part? :)

Posted 2013-06-09T01:11:53+0000  by mimco




There are at least two concerns when applying paint, eveness of sheen and color coverage. One coat of a drywall primer is of itself insufficient for either.


A paint will hold its sheen according to how well the underlying wall is sealed. Semi-gloss paints are more sensitive to sheen retension than flat paints. You should expect to do at least two finish coats to get an even, non-streaky finish.


Going over a white primer with a strong color, again you should expect to do at least two finish coats to get complete coverage. You could possibly have had the primer tinted toward the finish color. This would help assure complete coverage, however, it would still not address the incomplete sealing of the drywall with just one coat of drywall primer.The wall would still be streaky.


The solution is to in general do two full finish coats to get complete color coverage and an even sheen.

Posted 2013-06-09T17:15:18+0000  by ordjen
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