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Best way to seal Vinyl Tile with Paint

Hey Everyone,

I am looking at about 150 SQ FT of vinyl tile that I want to cover in a laundry room. The house was built in 1960 which brings up the question of potential asbestos tile. I want to either paint or epoxy of the tile instead of tearing it up. There is a drain in the middle of the floor as well as a few missing and damaged tiles. I was planning on using a patch and leveling compound to fill in the spaces but want to know the best course of action to take regarding a deck paint or an epoxy and what steps I would need to take to prep the surface as sanding is not an option. Thanks!
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Posted 2016-07-19T21:08:09+0000  by Celtyson Celtyson
If the tile is from the 60's it and/or the glue that holds it down very likely contains asbestos, it was in everything.  Just sitting there the asbestos doesn't present a hazard, it's only when it gets broken, cut, drilled, etc. that the particles can become airborne.  Rather than have it tested, the results of which will have to be disclosed when you sell the home, just assume it contains asbestos and proceed from there.

Rather than try to paint the floor, why not just cover it?  Level out the missing pieces and if the tiles are heavily embossed filled them too.  Then go over the whole thing with a nice sheet of vinyl flooring?  It would look a lot nicer than paint and serve the same purpose; even better by protecting the old floor from potential damage.  Sheet vinyl isn't very expensive (under $2 per sq. ft.) and pretty easy to lay, even for the DIYer.
Posted 2016-07-19T21:56:40+0000  by Adam444
I removed one of the damaged tiles and there wasn't the black mastic underneath that I would have expected. It is more of a yellow adhesive that looks similar to carpet glue. There is a concrete slab underneath. Does anybody know if this was used as an alternative to the black mastic?
Posted 2016-07-22T03:58:42+0000  by Celtyson


There are approximately 17,000+ building products that contained asbestos. There is a good chance that your floor does contain asbestos if it is original. The only way to tell is by having the tile and the adhesive analyzed by an accredited laboratory ($15-$45).

If you can let me know what city and state your in I can offer further guidance for your situation.

Bryan Giffin

Director of Operations

AG Environmental, Inc.




Posted 2016-09-20T00:14:27+0000  by BryanGiffin
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